Sunday, September 21, 2008

the weekend

dinner with the crew last night

poolside studying

our makeshift food station in the room

brunch yesterday
i am having really weird cravings- like tomatoes with tons of salt. 
i don't know what that means but i ate it up.

it is a strange feeling having time off. it feels as if we need to hurry up and relax, hurry up and rest. and despite our beautiful surroundings i still feel this sense of urgency. maybe it is because the weekly schedule is so boom, boom, boom. wake up, drink water, have breakfast, get ready for class, sign in, take class, hurry and shower, eat lunch, go to lecture/posture clinic, get ready for class, sign in, take class, hurry and shower, eat dinner, go to lecture again, come back to the room and prepare to do it all the next day. know what i mean? so even though we sat by the pool yesterday and my physical body could have taken a loooonnggg nap my mental state was going going going. i reviewed dialog, read some of my vampire book(so good:), and swam with kara. we were surprised at how sore our arms were just swimming across the pool. 

last night we went with our crew to the veranda- one of the restaurants here at the hotel. it was nice to sit and talk about everyones experiences here so far. 

so it's sunday morning and i just made some tea and i am sitting here reflecting on everything i've experienced here in the first week. i always thought it was such a big statement when people say you come back from training a different person. but i can understand how all of this will change you for the better. i have felt so much gratitude for my friends and family from home now that i am without them. and just the little freedoms i am much more appreciative of. i also feel more open(and receptive) to sharing my feelings - especially with this blog- i really putting it out there for people to read and see. before i would have kept my emotions inside or dealt with it on my own time but this feels more honest and real. i especially feel more aware in the room. i am learning how to meditate and push past all those voices in my head that are telling me i can't do this. it is a pretty amazing thing.  

today i hope to review the next to postures we will be doing this week, get a massage (thank you jesus!!! jc isn't massaging i'm just really grateful for the treat) lay by the pool, and organize my laundry.


esmall said...

Hello Allison,
Just wanted to say hello and wish you well. You sound like you are doing great and I am sending you lots of good vibes.
Also, what vampire book are you reading? I am reading 2 different ones right now and they are soo good!
Continue to do great things!
Erin Small

allison said...

erin- the vampire book is twighlight! love it! thanks for the love! miss you guys lots!