Saturday, September 27, 2008

week 2

i made it. i survived week 2. yes bending at the hips a couple of inches to wash my face this morning hurts. and i love the new bruises in my lower bag from digging in with tiger balm to ease the pain but it is all part of what we signed up for. i was telling a fellow trainee how it is almost comforting knowing that the injury i struggle with today will be gone (usually) and replaced by a new one tomorrow. 

this weekend i plan to do dialog, study for our anatomy class and make flash cards(the neck bones connected to the ____bone), make a trip with kara to the store for some food, catch up on emails with friends and family, get together laundry and yes.....get a massage by victor. supposedly i've heard through the grapevine here he is the best. we will see if this mr.victor can work his magic. being deprived of my husbands' tlc every day is making me get excited for some male interaction however innocent it may be (only kidding taylor :). some trainees have raved about the 20 dollar hour massage on the beach!!! might have to check that out too! 

right now there is alcohol model promotion convention here. kara and i gathered that it is some sort of tryouts or something. anyways when we get out of class and are walking in our yoga skives to the pool to cool off they art in there fishnet hose and cheetah print minis. it is a strange dichotomy to see such polar opposites of using the human body. i'm sure they are looking at us pretty strangely for being half naked walking around the hotel as well.


Tara said...

A massage on a Saturday sounds lovely! You SOOO deserve it Allison....congrats on finishing week 2!!! Enjoy the weekend.

allison said...

thanks tara! i canceled with victor because you have to pay 119 for an hour at the spa BUT it's 20 dollars on the beach for an hour- and everybody says they are better- so beachbound i am!