Friday, September 19, 2008

cranky and tired

had a great class with bikram tonight. found out we had the evening off- which is rare- so we all decided to grab a cab together and make our walmart run before our day(minus 8am class) off tomorrow. i had really good energy from the evening class but when i started to walk down the isles trying to figure out the translations of what is sea salt versus garlic powder(yup- got the garlic powder by accident)- this wave of exhaustion hit me. i knowit sounds silly but i felt quite hopeless. it's stupid- getting frustrated by the little things but i think i am just tired and crabby like a little baby. why can i have a solid class but then something little like spending 5 bucks to use the atm to get out 200 pecos instead of dollars really upsets me. also the damn mariachi band is in full effect tonight. sorry for the whine fest. i am sure it is nothing that a little rest can't fix. i will be in better spirits tomorrow i'm sure.

for now i will leave you a pic of my new yoga family (minus issac- he had to see a man about a horse). don't know what i would do without you guys to keep me sane!

to danielle, lindsay, kara, and straud- way to rock half moon today!

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