Monday, February 28, 2011

so long....

so long austin spa
it has been a beautifully relaxing visit

on my little get away i was blessed with plenty of time to
and a lovely view too!


that is my sweet and lovely mom
relaxing in the pre-treatment room
a heavenly place of R&R

with my generous time of reflection
i decided i needed a new challenge to commit to for the month of march
it seems like since the new year there has been one celebration after another
which is awesome (i love a good soiree)
but it's left me over served and sugared out

so for the month of march it's
so long....
perfect pomegranate martini

(fro yo and dark chocolate so long to you too)


but even though it might be difficult to resist these indulgences...
i'm up for the challenge

i can feel it
MARCH is going to be a very good month!

i've had a bit of time to re-group the past few days, i've got a big smile on my face
and lots positivity in my pocket!
{actually my lulu pants don't have pockets but that line was too
cute and cheesy not to throw in there- right?!}

whatever challenge
whether it's work, personal or physical

listening to adele's rolling in the deep helps too:)

what do you feel strongly about today?
anything you are saying so long to for march?


Thursday, February 24, 2011

spa weekend!

yes that's right
it's time to
any guesses where i am spa-ing?

lake austin spa and resort
my mom and i will be celebrating our b-days together there
and we will come home just in time to catch the oscars

best part of our stay?

you can wear your robe everywhere

the last time we visited i was a little hesitant about dining in my robe
i mean- it's a little weird- right?
in your kitchen at home- no problem
but in front of strangers at a resort in the omelette line?
what happens if a little eggy falls into your robe-y?

of course i got over it and fully indulged in the goodness of knowing there was nothing between
me and my organic food besides the robe-y:)

what do you think?
that is the question

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


today i'm feeling ridiculous
ridiculously silly!

do you ever wake up and wonder
how am i going to get everything i need to get done today

so i'm rolling with it
i've still got the giggles from last nights' hilarious episode of glee!
i even re-watched some of it over coffee
speaking of glee- i have a major girl crush on
who plays Britney on glee
i'm a huge fan!

so tell me...
do you watch glee?

do you have a harmless crush on anyone??

do you feel ridiculous that it's only wednesday?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


last night i had the best dream
i dreamt i had a walk in closet bigger than my bedroom!
in my dream i was designing and scheming how i was going to decorate it



Monday, February 21, 2011

weekend wrap up

i know this isn't officially from the weekend
but i had to share my awesome v-day card find from target
like i mentioned before- taylor and i compete with our cards to one another
for the cheesy factor

with this GEM i obviously won
our fur babies
broken social scene at house of blues
there were many band members
pre-show drinks in the foundation room
billy and jon
our sweet friends that hooked us up for the evening!
thanks again you two for making my b-day so fun:)
the weekend ended on a sweet note
this is the masterpiece created by my sister in law for dessert
sunday evening- so yummy!
thanks rayne
thanks to everyone who made my special day special!
it was too fun
taylor and i think we had a little too much fun this weekend
because we both woke up this morning with a bit of a cold
bummer dude
but i'm not going to let that slow me down
just more greens, lots of vitamins and water
this sunshine is making me feel better already

Friday, February 18, 2011

5 on friday!

thank goodness it's friday
top 5 reasons to be happy
besides it being friday

no 1
no 2
dreaming about summer vacations
no 3
this guy
no 4
this lovely delivery from dr delphinium
from my sweet parents
for my bday!
no 5
last but not least
show on saturday night(did i mention it's my birthday:?)
at house of blues!!!
excited beyond words
music makes me feel young and alive and what better way to celebrate 29;)

any big plans for the weekend?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

meet corbin dallas

meet corbin
corbin dallas to be specific
he is the newest member of our clan!

on the way home
seeing his new home for the first time
meeting his new friend leelou
leelou dallas multipass
if you haven't seen 5th element rent it today:)
for the record leelou is not happy
just hanging out
my 2 guys
the next few days should be interesting
we are trying to assimilate our new lively creature corbin
with the ruling dame of the house- leelou
but leelou is not having it! everyone says it will take about a week
but i feel bad for leelou- she has always had this place to herself

last night there was a lot of hissing going on with leelou revolting against our newly adopted corbin
i looked at taylor and said
this is how i would feel if we got a new sister wife

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the soundtrack of our lives

the grammys just happened
and i've got music on the brain people!
but i'm not talking about bieber or ke$ha


so i'd like to ask the question-what is the soundtrack of your life?
what song is in your head when you wake up?
if you were watching a music video of your life- who would be playing?

taylor and i love to talk about music
him more as a participator and me a spektator
he is after all a very talented musician- his second album is about to be released!

the other night we were discussing what our soundtrack would be..
and if i had to pick one song it would be under pressure by queen and david bowie
i've loved this song for so many years
taylor designed hand drawn type of the intro lyrics as a gift for me!
i love it and it hangs right my my desk

so at any moment i may burst into song

that is a scary thought

taylors' song of his life is ramble on by led zeppelin
i would love to hear him sing this...perhaps at a cd release party coming up soon!
so music fans from all over

do tell

what is the soundtrack of your life?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

weekend wrap up

so i'm a day late for my weekend wrap up but
i had a such a fun time exploring dallas
i wanted to share it with you guys

my morning started out with this guy
what's not to love?
with a smile as big as texas because
the 'honey bear' taco from good to go
the other 'rise and shine' featured breakfast tacos
afternoon tacos start at 11
cute sign
next on the list was coffee co in lakewood
a little hole in the wall that my ever so cool stylist told me i had to check it out
& she wasn't wrong- this place is great!
we have already made two of their roasts for our morning cup of jo!

get your hot peanuts!
they roast their own beans in-house and
throw them out after two days

lovely teas from all over-yum! i got the roobios
and last but not least- dolly python
my favorite place to explore
cute red vintage clutch
suitcase full of shoes
so it's obvious i love the hipstamatic app
i'm looking to take a vintage photography class
to recreate these beauties on my own
part of my 30 before 31 quest
my deadline is approaching because my b-day is this saturday!!!
although i have a few on the list that i haven't done yet i'm just
going to keep going till it's finished

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentines!

for my sweet hubs
{hubs- that word cracks me up}

thank you for making every day valentine's day!
you are so romantic
& always keep me laughing
i love you richard turtle
your lady

Friday, February 11, 2011

let's be silly

that's the only way i can describe
how i've been feeling the last couple of days
crazy silly
sleep deprived silly
and caffeine induced silly
but i'll be honest
even on my best days...
i'm pretty silly
this quote from artist ed ruscha pretty much sums it up for me

one of the many reasons i think taylor
is the yin to my yang {and the bee's knees}
is because he is as kooky, quirky and silly as me
that is the way we approach life- with humor
i don't think i would want it any other way and
as spoon said/sang best 'that's the way we get by'

speaking of the SILLIES
i had so much fun quacking it up with my nephew luke yesterday
that i had to share this little snippet of him in all his glory
sorry my quacks are so loud- i was trying to encourage the wee babe

Thursday, February 10, 2011


so basically yesterday sucked
the weather, and a lot of other things that
i won't bum you out with the boring details happened
but then....
{pardon my curly semi mullet- it was bulled half back-
i was going for the party in the back look;0}

look at those chompers
needless to say my evening ended with a sweet note
with kisses from this precious boy
my cutie nephew luke baker

and oh yeah mom- we had fun too celebrating your b-day
but we both now who the real star of the show was

i'm grateful the ice and snow has cleared up
and ready for some relaxing this weekend
what are you looking forward to most this weekend?

i'm excited for a little early birthday celebration dinner
with my family sunday night in bishop arts district
taylor is singing at fellowship sunday morning!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

feelin' romantic

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd

eloisa to abelard
by alexander pope

lessons in love

valentines day
is right around the corner

although i've only been married for 3 years
i've learned some important lessons in love

i tried to think of a better title for this post because i didn't
want it to sound like i was preaching or teaching
after all, every relationship is unique and special in it's own way
so that being said - these are lessons taken from my own personal experiences

okay enough with the disclaimers already
let's get to it

those of you who are close to me know....
i'm a bit of a control freak
i color coordinate my book shelves
i consider the enemy to be 'visual clutter'
organization turns me on
seriously the container store shelfing catalog i got this week in the mail is my porn
and i really get excited planning out my week
BUT if it's not on the schedule- we aren't doing it, it's not going to happen

i have to say- this habit of perfection, planning, and controlling got downsized (thank god)
in our first year of marriage thanks to taylor
one of the things i love most about him is the fact that he encourages me to be spontaneous

to go with the flow

to get out

and get

and most of all
to let it go and
and that it's the little things
that aren't really things at all but experiences
that matter most

sorry to go all sappy on you
but i am a hopeless romantic
and what can i say?
i love my man

what are your plans for valentines day?
taylor and i are having a casual romantic dinner
then chillin' at home by the fire listening to kenny g
while i read sonnets professing my undying love for edward cullen
uhhh i mean taylor- DUH?! my husband
then our lovely gift exchange- something bought&something made
i really LOVE expressing my feelings creatively
through the art of dance

{ha! sorry i couldn't pass up that opportunity to throw that in there}

the part i'm looking forward to the most
is our card exchange
we always give one real card
and one cheesy card
and we see who wins with the cheese factor
he beat me at christmas but this valentines day i'm going to dominate!

seriously- my card for taylor
is just that good

hopefully i'll have the evidence to prove my victory after next monday
(aka- the card in all it's glory)