Tuesday, February 8, 2011

lessons in love

valentines day
is right around the corner

although i've only been married for 3 years
i've learned some important lessons in love

i tried to think of a better title for this post because i didn't
want it to sound like i was preaching or teaching
after all, every relationship is unique and special in it's own way
so that being said - these are lessons taken from my own personal experiences

okay enough with the disclaimers already
let's get to it

those of you who are close to me know....
i'm a bit of a control freak
i color coordinate my book shelves
i consider the enemy to be 'visual clutter'
organization turns me on
seriously the container store shelfing catalog i got this week in the mail is my porn
and i really get excited planning out my week
BUT if it's not on the schedule- we aren't doing it, it's not going to happen

i have to say- this habit of perfection, planning, and controlling got downsized (thank god)
in our first year of marriage thanks to taylor
one of the things i love most about him is the fact that he encourages me to be spontaneous

to go with the flow

to get out

and get

and most of all
to let it go and
and that it's the little things
that aren't really things at all but experiences
that matter most

sorry to go all sappy on you
but i am a hopeless romantic
and what can i say?
i love my man

what are your plans for valentines day?
taylor and i are having a casual romantic dinner
then chillin' at home by the fire listening to kenny g
while i read sonnets professing my undying love for edward cullen
uhhh i mean taylor- DUH?! my husband
then our lovely gift exchange- something bought&something made
i really LOVE expressing my feelings creatively
through the art of dance

{ha! sorry i couldn't pass up that opportunity to throw that in there}

the part i'm looking forward to the most
is our card exchange
we always give one real card
and one cheesy card
and we see who wins with the cheese factor
he beat me at christmas but this valentines day i'm going to dominate!

seriously- my card for taylor
is just that good

hopefully i'll have the evidence to prove my victory after next monday
(aka- the card in all it's glory)


tvieger said...

If I ever get lost YOU are my GPS. Or for an even nerdier LOST reference, "Alli you are my constant."!!!!!!!!!
I love you~


Coco said...

That is too cute TV. I love yall!

Dorry said...

Y'all are adorable! And I love how similarly our personalities are...and how we've been influenced by our husband's spontaneity and zest for life's experiences. I love all the images in this post, especially, "the best things in life aren't things." Amen! I have no idea what we are doing for Valentine's Day. Maybe dinner at home and watching The Bachelor? How's THAT for romantic?? ;)

allison said...

thanks gabby and tv for the love:) and dorry - i totally agree:)

i think your valentines night sounds perfect! you and billy could top those 'bachelor dates' any day- hello- you got married in italy!:)

Hilary Baker said...

sweet alli - i love this post :)