Monday, February 28, 2011

so long....

so long austin spa
it has been a beautifully relaxing visit

on my little get away i was blessed with plenty of time to
and a lovely view too!


that is my sweet and lovely mom
relaxing in the pre-treatment room
a heavenly place of R&R

with my generous time of reflection
i decided i needed a new challenge to commit to for the month of march
it seems like since the new year there has been one celebration after another
which is awesome (i love a good soiree)
but it's left me over served and sugared out

so for the month of march it's
so long....
perfect pomegranate martini

(fro yo and dark chocolate so long to you too)


but even though it might be difficult to resist these indulgences...
i'm up for the challenge

i can feel it
MARCH is going to be a very good month!

i've had a bit of time to re-group the past few days, i've got a big smile on my face
and lots positivity in my pocket!
{actually my lulu pants don't have pockets but that line was too
cute and cheesy not to throw in there- right?!}

whatever challenge
whether it's work, personal or physical

listening to adele's rolling in the deep helps too:)

what do you feel strongly about today?
anything you are saying so long to for march?



Lindsay and James Cotter said...

WHAT?!?!?! YOu were there??? You know I live on Quinlan!! I am a mile from there. EEEK! Wish I could have seen you.

allison said...

bummer! i would have liked to meet a fellow blogger :(
love your header of chocolatey goodness-


Coco said...

so long to drinks and good eats for me too!! I'll see you soon and we can eat edamame & other veggies together. :)

allison said...

it's a sad death gabby- but we can do it!!!! love the new cubby pic- too cute!

Dorry said...

It makes me SO happy to see my friends commenting on each other's blogs! Next time Lindsay is in Dallas or we are in Austin, we'll have to get together. :)

Good for you with your new March challenge. I think that's a great one. I've got a big month of March coming up and I need to start it by picking a book to a month til October. (Big for me...I'm not much of a reader.)