Friday, February 26, 2010

mottos for living

work by doug wilson

my visit with luke!

'you spin my right round right a record baby right round right round' don't know why but those words- actually lyrics- came out of my mouth when i was trying to comfort my new nephew- baby luke! all while doing a rocking/spinning sensation with him in my arms and guess what- it worked! he stopped fussing. my brother bryan(the new proud and loving father and sometimes night am dj) said that late night he gets really creative with his songs to sing to luke. i guess thats where my method came from. you have to use your resources right-
and if it happens to be bad disco- so be it.

who doesn't love this looker?
so handsome-he gets more adorable by the minute! i am hooked:)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

jennifer davis art

introducing: jennifer davis!
i love her weird quirky style and calming pastels. certain characteristics of her drawings are reminiscent of my fav alyson fox. i am constantly shoppping for (ok let's be honest- more like dreaming about) new artists for our home.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

wig OUT!

this is proof- you can have fun at thirty

Saturday, February 20, 2010

stay inspired

so today i am 30 years old and one day. hope you enjoy my 'messages' i've added for your viewing pleasure. it helps me to remember that no matter what age, no matter how many voices in your head say you can't - YOU CAN! you just have to go for it and make it happen. as we say in texas ' take the bull by the horns.'

Saturday, February 6, 2010

sleepy smile

if this doesn't cheer you up- i don't know what will?! here is luke and b-ry playing smiley:) WHY are babies so cute? especially this one! every time i see his precious face it makes me wish i could be in ft. worth in 2.2 seconds to hug his little neck! aunt alli misses you baby luke!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

fitness 'bucket' list

there is so much i want to do or check out fitness wise. my life kind of revolves around bikram yoga 24-7
so currently, i am stuck with making plans for the future
but no matter how busy i get with teaching and taking- i will at least try the following:)

kayaking! this takes me back to my childhood summer camp- i love kayaking! there is a thursday night class at white rock for anyone who is interested. when it isn't freezing outside- it would be a really fun get together with friends. who doesn't like getting in an moving boat atop a body of dirty water with dead people in it ;) adds an adventure element to it!
apparently this is the woman who transformed jennifer anistons' bod with her mad yoga skills

physique 57
heard so many great things about this ballet/pilates/yoga/strength training
mish mash of a workout! check it out here for yourself!
zumba- i know it sounds cheesy but i have always wanted to try it!!
here is the class schedule in dallas- any takers?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

this too shall pass

ever feel so tired and so down- that you have to gulp down the big crocodile tears in hopes to save yourself from a public meltdown? today was one of those days. i can't quite pinpoint one thing or incident that made me feel overwhelmingly helpless but i did have a mini-breakdown. it doesn't help that this is the second day i've had to teach the 5:30am class and never got caught up on my sleep. when your day starts around 4am and ends around 11pm i guess it is normal to feel blue. i just hate going to that dark place. getting so tired that you feel like you are going to loose it, literally feeling like you head is going to pop off. i'm sure a couple of months down the road when i am well rested and had a damn(sorry mom) vacation i will look back at this post (hopefully with a mojito in hand and sand in my toes) and laugh at how mellow dramatic i sound but right now my feelings feel very rational. very rational-is that even the correct wording? is there a degree of rationality? obviously i am a little tired and my brain is fried! so in celebration of days that don't suck i am adding a view glorious pics for you viewing pleasure.

because besides my husband- this guy always makes me smile
uh- hello kitty in a cast-what is cuter?
mojito- duh- favorite drink
never met a raspberry i didn't like