Tuesday, May 31, 2011

yayandyay amen

hello everyone!
sorry i'm off to a late start- instead of my home office
i'm working from a coffee shop today
and i've had a productive morning
i have some really exiting projects in the works
and i can't wait to share them with you
avdesign is back in full swing!
A M E N!
any amens on your unofficial monday back/tuesday day?

Friday, May 27, 2011

S T R E T C H!

over at the vieger casa
we've been dealing with some major pains
no actually it's taylor that is injured
over a week ago he pinched a nerve in his neck
which traveled and created MAJOR
pains and sensitivity in his back
difficult to stand up straight or walk pain
for over a week he's been getting on my nerves!
just kidding...kind of ;)

i can't encourage the importance of stretching enough!
this vintage beauty demonstrates some
excellent facial stretching as well as back and shoulder stretches
if you want to scare your co-workers, children
friends & family, or strangers even
i would try these amazing facial stretches in public
after all it is friday- we all need a little laugh

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

guest blogger: coco in austin

hello friends- i'm happy to
introduce my bestie from austin-
i'm excited to have her as a guest blogger

Here is a little blurb about a day in the life of
COCO, in Austin TX!

My very cool Aunt Cheryl came in town, from NYC,
and we had a full day of enjoyment and entertainment lined up!

We began the day with a late afternoon lunch at Lambert's downtown,
right across the street from City Hall. Side note,
I just adore their brunch on Sundays,
buffet style for the main fixins: ribs, pork, brisket, biscuits, salads,
sides and desserts.Then they have a made to order menu with single serving sizes
of omelets, steaks, french toast, smoothies, and more.
Its my favorite brunch (for food AND drink) in Austin.
Some other brunch spots are fun for just drinks.

After lunch, we shopped around some,
went in St bernard sports for a few fun dresses.

Then we had dinner reservations at my FAVORITE new dinner spot,
El Arbol, which means "label the tree" in spanish.

Honestly it was the most PERFECT night, about 65 degrees with a slight breeze-
fabulous patio weather. We sat under the big tree.

The best dish, hands down, is the Escolar with herb manchego gnocchi,
which I've mentioned before. But my aunt and my boyfriend were BOTH
getting the escolar entree, so I opted for my second favorite dish- the Vieiras Doradas.
Also known as the day-boat scallops, avocado, fried brussels sprouts,
yucca chips, saffron-cayenne aioli, citrus gastrique. YES, it's as amazing as it sounds...

After dinner, we stopped off at Cipollina,
a little bistro in the hood, great menu with PHENOMENAL desserts.

There are no other words for this little explosion of awesomeness
other than WOW. LOVE this dessert, I love grapefruit in general.
This was the grapefruit trio: shortcake, buttercream, supremes.
Yes please.

After dessert, we went to the infamous
on South Congress.

The main attraction was none other than the very talented, Edie Brickell.
Its been a long time since Edie played in Texas,
you could definitely feel her excitement to be back home (she is originally from dallas.)
The New Bohemians were with her, as well as Charlie Sexton- an amazing guitarist.

IT was PACKED, and the line was VERY long.
Luckily we were on the guest list!

Not the best image below: Charlie is on the left,
Edie in the middle and a few bohemians on the right.
The iPhone 4 is my camera of choice, as usual.
But what a great show! She played some new stuff
and of course played the popular "What I am."
You can see it filmed here, courtesy of me.
One of my other most-liked songs is the relatively new song,
"They've got a pill for that."
watch Here
And finally, as I was walking to my car from the show,
saw the sign below, on a SOCO shop door.
Why is this funny and sad? Either way, I thought I'd share.
Hey, I'm just trying to keep Austin safe!


please don't stop the music

today i'm craving a music festival
in a major way
not just any music festival
i've been eyeing
the ACL one day pass for sunday
ARCADE FIRE anyone?!
plus those are the only tickets left

i could wear this light gauzy easy breezy top
pin my hair back in this messy bun
become inspired
like i am when i look at this painting
can you tell i am trying to convince the *cough* husband
we should go to ACL?
any outdoor venues planned for your summer???

Monday, May 23, 2011

monday monday

good morning lovelies!
i usually wake up on mondays feeling like this.....
then i take a sip of coffee and i can channel a bit more
after all
such a powerful verse!
just reading it - i feel empowered this morning
and ready to seize the day and my to-do list
how do
feel this monday morning?

p.s. if you need a laugh- you have to check this SNL skit out
or as the canadians say it ooouut

Friday, May 20, 2011

going to the country.....

happy friday!
in a few i'll be headed to the country
to ranch it up
i hope you all have a lovely weekend
filled with friends, family, fellowship and fun!
to the MAN, MY DAD
the list goes on!
you are so many things to so many people
but i'm so thankful to call you my father
i love you dad

going up to the country
by canned heat
with images from woodstock '69?!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


last night i saw bridesmaids the movie
i went with some of my girlfriends and as miley c says
it was 'purddy cool'
seriously though- we have to see it again!
we were laughing the entire movie and missed some of
it because it was THAT funny
how cute is kristen wiigs' outfit?
this red number was my fav!
loved the blazer n dress combo
even her travel style was stylish!
and workout gear too!

seriously-although i was laughing out loud the whole movie
i was also admiring kw's adorable look
it was feminine yet indie laid back casual cool!
made me want to chop my long hair for a wavy bob!
but as taylor says 'no mom cuts!'

have you seen bridesmaids yet?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

texas state cookoff

this weekend i will be attending the annual
located in
you can learn more about this gem of a town
with the motto
'everyone is somebody!'

two years ago the Food Network was on site
to give the event national coverage

HICO is also home of one of my favorite stores
blogged about here and here
love the old buildings and painted type
food prep
it's a big deal yall'
ready for some steak!
and when i went to find more info about the wine tasting
the part of the weekend i'm looking most forward to
look who popped up on the front page?!
my very own dad
steve baker-the man!
when i emailed him to let him know he's on the vip page he responded
without missing a beat

What’s next? An MTV reality show maybe?

ha! love you dad!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


good morning!
the sun is out and i could not be happier
i'll admit it-i'm a bit of a sun worshiper
i apologize for my lack of posts
i was in LA visiting my brother clark

this furry man
lovely succulants
shared lemon drop with my mom
and that pose
enjoying the view from the top of the hike
getting our FIX on
the best coffee place i've been too in a long time
we loved it so much we went back for more
and i brought some beans home for my favorite barista!

i promise to share more pics soon
but overall the whole trip was a lot of....
any plans involving
some rays for
can you tell i'm trying to avoid the stack of to do's on my desk
and the many orders that have to go to the printer today?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

what should i read next?

every month
in the ladies book club i'm a part of
we read a different novel
(this months' pic- little bee seen above)
we usually get together a list of books to vote from
and the most popular one wins!
well this morning i stumbled upon
yes the website isn't exactly well designed
but it's a really cool idea
type in the author you are currently reading
and just like that you have a list of other books,
suggestions and recommendations to read next
kind of like the side shopping card
if you like this
then you will like this
or other shoppers who bought this
got this
what do YOU think readers?
would you use this site?
i had some fun and typed in green eggs and ham:)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wed weekend wrap up

hello lovely people!
i apologize for the late
weekend wrap up
but here goes...
this weekend was spent with




this week i made a pact with myself to
cook healthy food at home,
get more sleep,
and drink less caffeine and more water
basically taking care of myself:)
although i enjoy night out- good food, fun drinks, and good friends
it feels nice to feel somewhat back to our normal routine
taylor will be in austin this weekend finishing his second album?!!!
and i will be in LA visiting my little brother-clark
so we are taking it pretty easy around here since we travel this weekend
have a lovely day!
i'm crossing my fingers for some sunshine!