Wednesday, May 18, 2011

texas state cookoff

this weekend i will be attending the annual
located in
you can learn more about this gem of a town
with the motto
'everyone is somebody!'

two years ago the Food Network was on site
to give the event national coverage

HICO is also home of one of my favorite stores
blogged about here and here
love the old buildings and painted type
food prep
it's a big deal yall'
ready for some steak!
and when i went to find more info about the wine tasting
the part of the weekend i'm looking most forward to
look who popped up on the front page?!
my very own dad
steve baker-the man!
when i emailed him to let him know he's on the vip page he responded
without missing a beat

What’s next? An MTV reality show maybe?

ha! love you dad!

1 comment:

Taylor Vieger said...

Oooooohhh a hunka hunka burning steaks! I can't wait to get my paleo ooooooon!