Tuesday, May 24, 2011

please don't stop the music

today i'm craving a music festival
in a major way
not just any music festival
i've been eyeing
the ACL one day pass for sunday
ARCADE FIRE anyone?!
plus those are the only tickets left

i could wear this light gauzy easy breezy top
pin my hair back in this messy bun
become inspired
like i am when i look at this painting
can you tell i am trying to convince the *cough* husband
we should go to ACL?
any outdoor venues planned for your summer???


Coco said...

COME to ACL! I will even drop you off and pick you up so you can avoid the crowds. LOL.

allison said...

gabby- i might just take you up on that:) taylor got us a sunday pass!!!!!

Rachel Johnson said...

ACL 2011!!!!! THE BESSSSSSSST, so happy we can run around on sunday together!