Tuesday, May 24, 2011

guest blogger: coco in austin

hello friends- i'm happy to
introduce my bestie from austin-
i'm excited to have her as a guest blogger

Here is a little blurb about a day in the life of
COCO, in Austin TX!

My very cool Aunt Cheryl came in town, from NYC,
and we had a full day of enjoyment and entertainment lined up!

We began the day with a late afternoon lunch at Lambert's downtown,
right across the street from City Hall. Side note,
I just adore their brunch on Sundays,
buffet style for the main fixins: ribs, pork, brisket, biscuits, salads,
sides and desserts.Then they have a made to order menu with single serving sizes
of omelets, steaks, french toast, smoothies, and more.
Its my favorite brunch (for food AND drink) in Austin.
Some other brunch spots are fun for just drinks.

After lunch, we shopped around some,
went in St bernard sports for a few fun dresses.

Then we had dinner reservations at my FAVORITE new dinner spot,
El Arbol, which means "label the tree" in spanish.

Honestly it was the most PERFECT night, about 65 degrees with a slight breeze-
fabulous patio weather. We sat under the big tree.

The best dish, hands down, is the Escolar with herb manchego gnocchi,
which I've mentioned before. But my aunt and my boyfriend were BOTH
getting the escolar entree, so I opted for my second favorite dish- the Vieiras Doradas.
Also known as the day-boat scallops, avocado, fried brussels sprouts,
yucca chips, saffron-cayenne aioli, citrus gastrique. YES, it's as amazing as it sounds...

After dinner, we stopped off at Cipollina,
a little bistro in the hood, great menu with PHENOMENAL desserts.

There are no other words for this little explosion of awesomeness
other than WOW. LOVE this dessert, I love grapefruit in general.
This was the grapefruit trio: shortcake, buttercream, supremes.
Yes please.

After dessert, we went to the infamous
on South Congress.

The main attraction was none other than the very talented, Edie Brickell.
Its been a long time since Edie played in Texas,
you could definitely feel her excitement to be back home (she is originally from dallas.)
The New Bohemians were with her, as well as Charlie Sexton- an amazing guitarist.

IT was PACKED, and the line was VERY long.
Luckily we were on the guest list!

Not the best image below: Charlie is on the left,
Edie in the middle and a few bohemians on the right.
The iPhone 4 is my camera of choice, as usual.
But what a great show! She played some new stuff
and of course played the popular "What I am."
You can see it filmed here, courtesy of me.
One of my other most-liked songs is the relatively new song,
"They've got a pill for that."
watch Here
And finally, as I was walking to my car from the show,
saw the sign below, on a SOCO shop door.
Why is this funny and sad? Either way, I thought I'd share.
Hey, I'm just trying to keep Austin safe!



Coco said...

I love you Alli!

allison said...

love you-xoxo coco! i made a rhyme:) great post and i LOVE your pics!

Taylor Vieger said...

Coco in Austin! Your dinner at El Arbol sounded amazing! I hope you never make it over to Central Market in Dallas because there is a sign with my picture on it in the bulk bins section that says snacklifter!

Coco said...

Ah hahahaha. That is allowed though. Who doesn't take samples with a peanut butter chocolate covered combo?!!

allison said...

seriously- i don't eat carbs BUT a raspberry covered pretzel stolen from the bin doesn't count :)