Thursday, May 12, 2011

what should i read next?

every month
in the ladies book club i'm a part of
we read a different novel
(this months' pic- little bee seen above)
we usually get together a list of books to vote from
and the most popular one wins!
well this morning i stumbled upon
yes the website isn't exactly well designed
but it's a really cool idea
type in the author you are currently reading
and just like that you have a list of other books,
suggestions and recommendations to read next
kind of like the side shopping card
if you like this
then you will like this
or other shoppers who bought this
got this
what do YOU think readers?
would you use this site?
i had some fun and typed in green eggs and ham:)

1 comment:

Taylor Vieger said...

What does it mean if it says the next book I should read is "one fish two fish red fish blue fish"?!