Wednesday, November 25, 2009

happy thanksgiving holiday!

just wanted to wish you all a happy healthy thanksgiving holiday! i plan to be bobbing around with joy like these guys spending some quality time with family and friends-enjoy!

Friday, November 20, 2009

it's time

i've been waiting in anticipation for this day since last year when i saw the first movie in stephenie meyers' vampire series-twilight. i cannot believe it is finally here- NEW MOON! make some noise people- what other films combine vampires, mortals, and werewolves all in one?!! hello this is truly exciting! seriously i never thought i would fall so hard for this teenage drama but i am hooked. edward cullen is my man(sorry taylor :). i wanted to order this shirt that said 'fangs are cool', wear it to the movie and bring beet juice from whole foods to drink while were watching the film. then i thought- might scare the kiddies. after all taylor and i were probably the oldest 'kids' in the theater when we went opening night to twilight. who cares? it's fun and my chosen guilty pleasure! we would be going tonight but aunty alli has a shower to attend for baby luke. my date with edward will have to be put on hold until saturday night. i am teaching the afternoon saturday class so we are even staying up past our bedtime to see the excitement unfold vampire style. only edward can convince me to see a 10 o'clock movie. yes that is right - i am a grandma. but a grandma who like sexy vampires. hope you enjoy viewing the attached pic of edward in all his glory.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

strike a pose!

who doesn't like gingerbread for the holidays? well a super great friend(thanks chris!) sent me this
link and it was too good to keep to myself. introducing......... gingerbread yogis!!! they are available in vegan(yay!!!) gingerbread and original. they come as a set of ten striking different poses- how great is that? love it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ellie krieger!!!

can you hear the shrill of excitement in my voice??? i just took it to another octave- 'ELLIE KRIEGER!!' why, you ask, am i screaming my favorite food network chefs' name at the top of my lungs?? well yesterday i met my mom at northpark for some partners card action and when we spilt up i wandered by myself over to williams and sonoma (honestly because i was hungry and they always have such great samples). low and behold -ellie krieger was in store promoting her new cook book and signing copies. i was elated and they were serving her cherry almond chocolate clusters. of course i used my w&s gift certificate (left over from our wedding registry) and bought 3 copies and had them signed...who are the lucky ladies receiving a signed copy of her fabulous new cookbook? you will have to wait until christmas to find out:)

of course i snapped some sneaky pics...i was trying not to look like the stalker i am. she was very kind and i think i turned a different shade of red when she talked to me. i just always trying to act normal and when i meet someone i admire that i end up being socially akward. but i think i remained pretty cool - at least i hope so:) i wanted to tell her how much i adore her dedication to promoting health AND flavor in her delicious healthy recipes but i didn't have the guts and wanted to prevent myself from looking like a gushing idiot.