Monday, August 30, 2010

motivational monday

it's monday already?! what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? for me- it was the delicious fruit salad i made last night....and knowing that after i fuel-loaded i had a run to take on. i am running a 10k on sept 18th and the clock is ticking! my official training started today. i'm usually a music snob and brag about my excellent taste in music- hee hee not really but kinda. anyways- here is the catchy(and somewhat cheesy) song that kept me putting one foot in front of the other on my run this morning. happy monday and enjoy! la roux rocks~

Saturday, August 28, 2010

santa fe!!!

as i mentioned in a previous post- taylor and i recently celebrated 3 years of marital bliss! this year we decided to spend our time celebrating in santa fe- one part austin, 2 parts colorado and then some. we love the laid back vibe of santa fe and the weather was beautiful!!! it was such an invited break from the triple degree weather in dallas. here are some pics from our trip ~ enjoy!

our first kiss at la posada- i was so excited to have our own pueblo house
lovely landscape
all clear
cheers for wayfarers!
doodlets- a santa fe classic mash up of odds and ends
i always find fun gifts here and great stocking stuffers!
pasqual's- best food in santa fe!
the music salad- music to my tummy. the figs and honey were to die for
hike with the hubby
i can check number 25 off my 30 before 31 list
yes i have pink laces and a sports bra to match- so what?
taylor pulls a mission impossible

ten thousand waves
our private bath
real food nation visit- this place was delish!!!
the happy hubby

Friday, August 27, 2010

have a great weekend~

so i admit it- i've been a bad blogger lately. i've been so busy but just so you know... i am aspiring to do better next week. i know like 3 people read this - my mom and friends...but still i feel a commitment to my small but lovely audience. i must entertain and blog on! so i'm sitting at central market at 5:30pm on a friday, sending out my last design concepts of the day to all my peeps. i was so enjoying the change of scenery from my usual coffee shop crowd...until the happy hour - beer in hand customers sat down next to me. hello?!! don't they know i have a crossfit class in less than 30mins and more work to be done! why do they have to bring their friday end of day celebratory drinks to my work space tempting me with their frosty beverage water droplets pilling up on the outside of the bottle? well i hope wherever you are at this very moment you are celebrating in your own unique way- be it sitting on the porch cold beer in hand or in front of your laptop -mouse in hand dreaming about a fancy cocktail. sigh...until saturday night i must be patient:) have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

luke and aunt alli time!

technically this isn't luke and aunt alli time because cookie was there (aka grandma- 'the carol') but she shared nicely. it was so fun rolling around the floor with the little bundle of joy. but he's not so little any more. the kid is getting strong!!!! he is crawling and pushing up- moving all around. it feels like yesterday when he was born and he was so little i was afraid to hold him. now i can play and have wiggle time till my hearts content- he doesn't stop moving:) check him out in action-

photo disclaimer: try to ignore my sans makeup and workout hair

i see you
hip hip horray!
happy boy- looks like i gave him a bottle of jack
just kidding mom and dad- aunt alli wouldn't dare do that
what a cutie!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

happy three year anniversary!

I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine

happy anniversary taylor!

to my partner in life's amazing adventures, to the only man that can take my breath away
AND have me die laughing within seconds of one another.
may we always stay silly- live life with our eyes open and never conform :)
may every year get sweeter with time

'you are my sweetest downfall
i loved you first'

Sunday, August 15, 2010

st. petersburg, russia

the men
mini moscow
interesting cookies at the market
more cookies
beautiful produce
the russian ballet
matryoshka doll
russian nesting dolls
yes it's a foot pic- what about it?

helsinki, finland

bibles from a church in old town
love this church
snail away

reason for less pics: at this point in the trip(the beginning of the cruise) our luggage was lost and i wasn't in the memory capturing mood

stockholm, sweden

up up and away!
v is for _______!

t-shirt store- so cool!
i bought a pink t with a kitty on the front(trust me-so adorable)
and taylor got a mint green t with sketches of famous cyclists

introducing cafe fatoljen
best coffee shop and bakery
favorite dessert of the entire trip
homemade blackberry cobbler topped with fresh cream-TO DIE FOR

tea and champagne- why not?

i spot 'the carols' hand- reaching for the camera as usual;)
fun at the ice bar

taylors' cocktail face
wannabe chuck bass:)

night view