Friday, August 27, 2010

have a great weekend~

so i admit it- i've been a bad blogger lately. i've been so busy but just so you know... i am aspiring to do better next week. i know like 3 people read this - my mom and friends...but still i feel a commitment to my small but lovely audience. i must entertain and blog on! so i'm sitting at central market at 5:30pm on a friday, sending out my last design concepts of the day to all my peeps. i was so enjoying the change of scenery from my usual coffee shop crowd...until the happy hour - beer in hand customers sat down next to me. hello?!! don't they know i have a crossfit class in less than 30mins and more work to be done! why do they have to bring their friday end of day celebratory drinks to my work space tempting me with their frosty beverage water droplets pilling up on the outside of the bottle? well i hope wherever you are at this very moment you are celebrating in your own unique way- be it sitting on the porch cold beer in hand or in front of your laptop -mouse in hand dreaming about a fancy cocktail. sigh...until saturday night i must be patient:) have a great weekend!

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