Tuesday, August 24, 2010

luke and aunt alli time!

technically this isn't luke and aunt alli time because cookie was there (aka grandma- 'the carol') but she shared nicely. it was so fun rolling around the floor with the little bundle of joy. but he's not so little any more. the kid is getting strong!!!! he is crawling and pushing up- moving all around. it feels like yesterday when he was born and he was so little i was afraid to hold him. now i can play and have wiggle time till my hearts content- he doesn't stop moving:) check him out in action-

photo disclaimer: try to ignore my sans makeup and workout hair

i see you
hip hip horray!
happy boy- looks like i gave him a bottle of jack
just kidding mom and dad- aunt alli wouldn't dare do that
what a cutie!


Coco said...

Um, I love him. Alert B & H that I might steal him!

Halle said...

SO cute!!!