Sunday, August 24, 2008

thank you gabby!

well i have gabby smith to thank for my newest obsession and time consuming activity. what might that be you may ask? knitting, collecting rare coins, restoring vintage this new interest is a little bit darker. okay....i will proceed to let the monster out of the bag- vampires! gabby has gotten me addicted to stephenie meyers' vampire series of books. when she told me about them she said 'go out and buy the first one today' i didn't think i would read it in the same day!  it was such a page turner. i know a series of vampire books may sound a little cheesy but seriously i can't but them down.  i went back to borders the next day to by 'new moon' the second book of the series and i somewhat hung my head in embarrassment of my new addiction in hopes of not being noticed. i told my friend erin on the phone about how when i got up to the counter to check out my true colors came out though. the checkout girl had a button on that said' have you been bitten yet?' and i wanted one! (i can't believe i have jumped on the bandwagon - i'm the one who always rolls my eyes when i hear about all the harry potter cape wearing fools) clearly i have and can't turn back now. i've drank the kool aid and i'm hooked...or bitten. and if you see two dark marks on my neck it's not a hickey.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

happy one year tay!


i love you mister man!
here are some pics from our anniversary get away. a special thanks to issac 
for covering my shift :) hope yall enjoy some silly pics of tay and i doing our thing 

i love this man

yes my husband is silly and this is one of the many reasons i love him.
ie:soy sauce drawings.who knew sushi could get any more fun?or is it funner? 
or more fun? or better?anyways my point is taylor makes the best out of every 
situation and i appreciate him for making me smile daily.


this pics don't do germany justice. my family and i had such an amazing time in germany, and on the bordering cities in france and luxenberg. it was such a nice break from d-town. europe is so awe inspiring-i wish i had the courage to get up and move there! (with tv in tow of course:)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Jeff Lewis is awesome!

yes i hate to admit it but occasionally i indulge in SOME reality television programs. flipping out on bravo happens to be my fav. i love how very particular jeff lewis is. his love of immaculate cleanliness in his homes and perfect placement/design of the furniture really touches me. maybe because in some small way i feel less crazy by watching him. yes he is probably certifiably insane but i love his every day antics!

Bon Iver

bon ivers' song 'skinny love' moves me to tears. seriously his voice is truly amazing. his solo debut  -for emma, forever ago speaks volumes, especially considering he recorded most of it in a cabin in the woods.