Tuesday, November 30, 2010

long weekend

this weekend i spent time with
i ate
made sunday morning


got a

it was

what was YOUR favorite part of the long weekend?

Thursday, November 25, 2010


happy thanksgiving everyone!
i thought this would be a perfect time to reflect upon what i'm most thankful for
in putting all this pics together for this post- i thought why don't i
focus on gratitude more often
it is truly powerful to acknowledge what
you appreciate in life
not what you feel is missing

it seems trivial but honestly it makes me want to wake up in the morning and seize the day
and i get a lot more done when i drink it

it's warm and cozy and my favorite two lovelies live there
( lee lou and taylor :)

it's my job and i love it

for teaching me that life is too short to sweat the small stuff

it's okay to be silly and act like a kid
in fact it's really fun

that throwing theme parties is always a good idea

to not take life too seriously
and most of all to love fully

our funny kitty
she continues to crack me up on a regular basis

although i'm the oldest, my younger brothers bryan and clark have taught me so much
and continually love me despite my flaws
(especially that snotty teenage phase when i denied their existence)

i love him more each day and my smile gets bigger
every moment i spend with him

seriously these people have stood by my side and supported me fully
whether i wake up a monster or an angel
they are there for me
and i am so grateful for their love and support
(that means YOU cookie and g-pa!)
i also include my loving friends in this category- whether you've know me a couple of months
or many years i appreciate your friendship and love!

on that note i hope everyone is surrounded with family and friends
and lots of love

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

happy birthday aubin

happy birthday aubin
(my beautiful sister in law!)
hope you have a beautiful day filled with sunflowers
cheers to

Monday, November 22, 2010

design dish

stop by avdesign
to check out my first installment of design dish today

Sunday, November 21, 2010

the weekend

happy monday everyone!

this weekend was great
saturday started off with a early morning yoga class
followed by this lovely green smoothie

next was the etsy jingle bash
which turned out to be the jingle smash
sorry i couldn't help myself- it was fun and i found some good gifts
but it was shoulder to shoulder crowded
you had to fight your way through for a look at the goods

taylor would love this
something my speed
after the craziness of the shopping adventure i needed a coffee break
love drinking a hot drink when it's chilly outside

R+D kitchen

paloma cocktail
deviled eggs
seared ahi tuna / salad
harry potter goody bags
magic no 7
seventh movie out of the 8 in the series

the contents
booker beans, chocolate frogs, jelly slugs
which was really dried cherries, chocolate covered almonds and gummi bears

surprisingly enough it was a tasty combo
we enjoyed the movie
i cried like the sap i am
all the kids in the theater made it a fun experience
every time a new character came onscreen they would start clapping
it was too cute

sunday was busy busy with church and a fun family gathering.
now if only i can meet all the deadlines i have this week, make all the banana pudding
that is required to feed both sides of my family, and achieve everything else i've got to get together- i will be golden!

how are you preparing for thanksgiving?
do you turn into a turkey or a fruitcake?
i've seen both make appearances at my house


(for the week)
to read one chapter a night
of my social media/business/design books

i am affirming this goal by blogging about it sunday evening
as well as starting reading TONIGHT

i like setting mini goals for the week for myself sunday night
so i can break them on monday

no seriously, i've always been a planner and if i actually write or blog
about a particular goal it affirms it for me

what helps you get the week started?

Friday, November 19, 2010

this and that

this has been a crazy week for me with avdesign work,
prepping for the holidays, house-sitting for the rents, cross fit/yoga
lee lou being under the weather and LIFE!
but i'm not complaining, just venting, my life is colorful and i wouldn't want it any other way

who wouldn't love this bug in a rug?

last nights' dinner with friends at the moth

i went out on a limb and painted my nails
i never do color an my hands-just my feet-but i love this new essie polish
mink muffs

can't wait for the NEW

this was us last time we saw a harry potter film at the inwood screening room
we initially went for the big comfy couches but because it was opening weekend
had to sit on the front row on the giant beanbag- it was so much fun!
taylors' sporting the expeliamous and i have no idea what i'm doing

i'm also going to hit up the esty jingle bash in search or some christmas gifts.
i'm looking forward to seeing fellow bloggers, artists and designers.
anyone else doing something exciting this weekend??
the holidays are right around the corner so i plan on enjoying the freedom
before the full fledged christmas chaos takes over

have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

artist of the week

who also happens to be a very close friend

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


“the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

sometimes i am my own worse enemy. i fear the worse. i actually play out in my head- what is the worse possible (before doing something i'm anxious about) thing that could happen? why?! i am a strong female- i don't know why i stress so much. yesterday i went back to bikram for the 4:30 class- i was so worried i would crash and burn. i had not been in awhile and i guess i thought i would just forget 5 years plus of my yoga practice?! why do i even have to go there in my head? guess what?!! it was a GREAT class. i didn't have to stop once and my teacher said my practice is the strongest it has ever been. i am trying to challenge myself this week to not let those 'you can't' voices take over. i want to focus on positivity and seeking the truth not the lies we chose to feed ourselves. life is too short. i leave you with some positive type for your tuesday.
(i know i need reminding)
do it

question of the day
how do YOU overcome that 'i can't voice'?

stop by design sponge and check out this cool contest
feeling blue? or black&white all over ? stop by AVDESIGN to check out the love!

Monday, November 15, 2010

weekend wrap up

this weekend was fun filled and very busy!
this was the highlight of my weekend by far
luke was dedicated to his church in ft.worth
by his loving parents- my brother bryan and sister-in-law hilary
it was beautiful to be a part of and such a treat to celebrate at joe t's afterwards
what was your highlight of the weekend?

charity water

hello and happy monday
The organization Charity Water is pretty addicting. It's impossible not to see their videos,
and feel empowered to change the world. You can watch the video here.

Their mission is to bring a water source to every person on the planet. Pretty noble, right? And the good news is: over the past three years- they are doing it. Over 700,000 people have water through their wells.

This organization is great because regardless of religious beliefs, we felt it was hard to argue with the fact that everyone deserves water. No matter what background you come from, this is a need that makes sense...
and we can offer a simple solution.

Right now, Charity Water is digging wells in Africa. Each well cost $5000. An email from a student that had started a fund was sent to one of my blogger friends aspiring kennedy, and is currently at $4000 of his goal. Once the additional $1000 is raised, 250 people will have a well dug for them- and just like that, their lives will change.

This organization is supported by thousands of individuals working together for separate wells. The specific well we are raising money for is available here. PLEASE LINK TO THIS WELL! It will make sure that all blogger donations go to the same place. :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

tim and eric

wanted to share this ridiculously awesome pic from tim and erics' show last night. i found their tour bus when we were parking near the granada and in true stalker form i had to get a shot. my plan was to bump into them outside and mentioned my little brother worked on their show so i could get backstage passes but i didn't see them. too bad- ha! check out more details about last night HERE. thanks clark for hooking us up!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

weekend pics

this past weekend we went to a good friends' wedding in marfa, alpine and marathon. the rehearsal dinner, our hotel and wedding were spread out among these small te-has towns. taylor and i had never been and really enjoyed exploring the hidden 'gems' of texas. as i mentioned HERE, i was quite inspired by the local scenery. the car ride...well thats another story. not to disclose too much info but at one point taylor had an emergency stop in the middle of no where on the side of the road for me to pee-yikes! our favorite sign in some small town we had never heard of said ' you are now entering the friendliest town in texas.' pretty cute.

hope you enjoy these pics from our adventures

i loved how the one pot was standing tall
and in contrast the other one is fading

a bobcat in marathon at the gage hotel
(where the outdoor wedding and reception was held)

bread and breakfast window sign
love it!!!

gas station beauty

my love!

food shark- this was so awesome. we were such fans of the food
and the whole dining concept we bought t-shirts
food shark has been on cnn, in food and wine, bon appetit and many others

posing for the handsome photographer

my justin bobby hat wearing hubby

love it


no really-that hurts!

pre-wedding cocktails

the men
(buds since jr.high and taylor's best friends)

the lovely bride and groom about to have their first dance
sorry pic is blurry- i blame it on the iphone
isn't her dress lovely!!!?!

that's all folks!