Friday, April 30, 2010

have a great weekend!

i'm up early to get stuff done! this weekend is going to be busy but chalked full of fun- hence the quirky pics i've added :) hopefully there will be some pics from the weekend added soon. have a fun weekend all you cool kids and crazy cats!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

spring fling!

i love making lists, it validates my productivity.
maybe i need validation.....
but there is something so satisfying in setting a goal for yourself,
making something a priority, writing it down, getting it done
and crossing it off your list. that's the best part! i also happen to enjoy wish lists.
for now- these are my list of items i hope to have a wardrobe fling with this spring:)

besides the scarf (remember always remove one accessory)
i think these pieces could all work together. very 70's bohemian,
you dig?

Monday, April 26, 2010

message monday

monday monday... today is busy busy. currently working on an invite. taught the 7:30 this morning and took the 9:30. i hope to go for a run later and some errand running as well-

as yall' know i love type. hand written type, typography, and combinations of letters really :) hope you enjoy my collection of type brought to you by message monday

have a happy monday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


being the pisces that i am, a true water baby- this touched me.
because i am not close to the ocean...i often dream about it

Sunday, April 11, 2010

busy busy

so it has been awhile since i've blogged. i've taken pictures for the blog-thought about heart warming and hilarious funny posts in my head...but alas no time. some changes have happened recently- i started designing again! it picked up quite rapidly and i am very excited about all the opportunities ahead. i have been very blessed. people are even asking for business's on my to do list. still teaching full time so the balancing act of managing those two jobs in my life has been interesting. i've learned to prioritize and manage my time better not out of choice but necessity. i saw on article about this book, getting things done by david allen. called borders- it is on hold. of course i have no time to pick up a book that will help me to do that very thing- get things done! ha- i laugh because it is funny.

taylor and i, being the proud aunt and uncle of our new nephew- baby luke baker, have really enjoyed spending time with the littlest addition to the family. so much so that we are thinking about becoming parents ourselves.:) don't get too excited though- probably next year. i'm a big planner and i need to do major mommy research before we go down that path..but very exciting to think about..eventually in the future.

so that's what new with me. once i get my 'getting things done' book i will let you know how amazing my time management and task execution is. i expect to see major improvements!