Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bliss part two

we visited bliss raw cafe & elixir bar for the second time over the weekend. it was a lovely dinner minus the drive thru beer run with skanks-i mean lovely girls included. they are basically dancers who stand outside the joint in order to entice(i think?) people into the drive in to collect their spirits for the evening. it is a nice contrast to the lovely fresh heathly dining experience of bliss
laughing because i made him take an action shot with the peppermint elixir

just posin'
a raw kiss :)
my kamut noodles(a sea veggie carb free noodle- very interesting....)
tv's yummy tacos totally raw-some!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

H&B at casa de vieger!

that's right-i am a one trick pony. fish tacos again! this time i cajun seasoned tilapia 
and added a tablespoon of olive oil
the fixins- we used some greek yogurt instead of sour cream and it was delish!

tv's famous guac!
the taco in all of it's glory
bryans' fun doodle a grizzly placemat
the artists' finished work- bry definitely won the art award that night- he even added some baylor flair!
it was so fun having hilary and bryan over. after they left to make the trek back to ft.worth taylor and i made a promise to have people over more often. once you have your food and menu plan for the night it is really quite easy. i guess it takes some of the stress off having family over-they have to love you even if the food is bad :) seriously though we want to have people over more often to entertain and hang out. right taylor?!! :) 

thanks again for coming all the way from cow town! h and b - we appreciate it! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

let the sun shine in

documentation that i need and want to be outside

Thursday, May 14, 2009

a glimpse into the adventures of home brewing....

insert clark baker voice here(my youngest brother who lives and works in the land of hollyweird)
hello hello
i just opened my first homebrew actually tastes amazing! here are some pictures. it is and IPA(indian pale ale), the most hoppy and best of all beers. they call it indian pale ale because it was created for british sailors taking the long voyage to india. the beer was hopped up so much it wouldn't go bad for a long time.
here is me brewing the beer-brew fog in full effect!
my next recipe in the making- it is called honey crystal lager, made with real honey!
just wanted to let you all in on how much fun it is making your own beer. next up is whiskey, then everclear, then right into setting up a genuine meth lab! okay fine carol ..i will just grow weed instead. only joking.

the beer maker and first OFFICIAL guest blogger(taylor you have some competition!)

OFF the chain!

fo shizzol!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BLISS Raw Cafe & Elixir Bar

last night for a fresh, natural, raw (uncooked), and completely organic meal taylor and i visited bliss for the first time. so tasty! for anyone interested in incorporating raw foods into their daily plate this place is definitely worth a try. their are many different entrees to keep you interested (i swear you won't miss your oven at all). if i could afford to eat a meal a day here i would! delicious food that you can feel good about putting into your body. i even ran into an old friend that is a waitress there- small world!

started with the nori wraps- fresh and oh so mini!
naked pizza- crust was so hearty
taylors' 'yo greek raps!' - i had 2 bites and man the tahini hummus 
had some intense flavors going!
chocolate torte with carob and cacao-delish- raspberry sauce was sooo good!

Monday, May 11, 2009

life's a peach...

life is a peach!
today i woke up grateful. grateful that i slept well, for my husband, 
and for my friends and family. there is so much we have to be grateful for.
(here are some fun quick shots from the weekend)
a design find in the freezer section at central market-love the packaging!
i am obsessed with japanese-inspired anything!
pretty flowers
introducing bear- taylors' cousins new puppy!
bc she growls like a bear
what a cute tail

Friday, May 8, 2009

have a great weekend!

new growth at the vieger casa

when you're finished changing, you're finished
benjamin franklin

movie night at nasher sculpture center

taylor being the perfect human sculpture
myself, my shadow and i
cool pic inside the sculpture center
last night taylor and i enjoyed the free movie night (first thursday of the month) at the nasher sculpture center. movie showing started at 7 but unfortunately we arrived early for the tail end or should i say long winded discussion (i use this term loosely- it was more of a listen to how great i am and heres why) led by none other than gary cohill about the movie we were about to see- the graduate. at first i was thinking ..don't judge allison -this guy isn't half bad and then he went and dropped about 8 celebrity names he has been with recently(insert yawn here). so after making a book signing in plano with paula dean sound like a life changing experience he finally asked if anyone had any questions about recent films. let's get to it..finally.  of course people in the audience raised their hands....several people threw out names of some AFI films asking if he liked or disliked them. politics and contraversal topics in various films were mentioned. i thought it would be hilarious if i raised my hand and asked 'gary cohill - what do you think about edward in new moon the next film from the twighlight series?' or 'does harry potter still resembled a young boy now that daniel radcliffe has chest hair?' of course i kept my riveting questions to myself:) 

minus local movie guys' long winded 'why i am so great speech' the evening was very enjoyable. taylor and i had a relaxing stroll around the garden after the movie. there was a dj and a little bar on the porch outside. and what looked to be about 20 single girls sitting in these huge bean bag pods- take note guys- the place to be to find the ladies-quite the cuddling atmosphere too-overlooking the sculpture garden.

Monday, May 4, 2009


karen dalton
she was an american folk singer and banjo player during the 1960s greenwich village folk music scene. she was born in enid,oklahoma. apparently bob dylan is a fan too. he said 'karen had a voice like billie holiday and played guitar like jimmy reed...' 

check out her song katie cruel

sunday brunch with the viegers!

we went to bolsa in the bishop art district on sunday after church to celebrate taylors' belated bday with his family. it was our lucky day because the first of every month they have a farmers markets with samples of local honey, chocolate, coffee, even pie! the coffee and chocolate were amazing! they had some cool fedoras that we sported for a moment but they were WAY out of my price range. 

the BEE keeper- i told him his bees were going to be on my blog :)
the BEES that make the local honey! so cool! the jars of honey even had zip codes posted on 
them as to what area the bees are kept and makin honey!

some kids chillin- listening to the live music- love the body language of the guy on the left-too funny!
funny faces run in the family-right taylor?!!!
a smile for steve
lovely ladies-mother and daughter
brother and sister duo
it was so nice to eat at a place that promotes organic fresh local food! and a great 
way to spend time with the ones you love. i would go back in a heartbeat. 
but beware of a wait- it is a pretty popular little joint!

friday and saturday

pics from the weekend
a cool poster i spotted at the magnolia theater
dallas architectural forum 09-design symposium poster

pink mist flower and pot from whole foods- so pretty- i just love purple!
papayas at central market- although the color is beautiful 
i think they taste skunky- never have been a big fan of them
my bike taylor got for me- all geared up and ready to ride the lake on sat afternoon
2 minutes into the ride it starts to rain!
taylor was not happy!