Monday, January 26, 2009


one of the greatest joys in life taylor and i like to wait for it...LOST NIGHT!!! lost is so many things to us...i can't even find the words to describe it. i will say this though- when taylor proposed to me- of course we were so happy and giddy but it was lost night -hello?! i turned to him and said-'do we have to call our friends and tell the..or can we watch lost first?' seriously it is that good. if you don't believe me- rent season one and watch it back to back- you will be hooked in no time. 

so in the celebration of lost night i made chicken curry soup. from the last image you can tell it was a hit. sooo spicy and so good!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

tea is my friend

i love tea. i'm a big fan of black/breakfast teas. it's my version of coffee, my pick me up in the morning and throughout the day. i also love love chai and green tea. and ice tea but that is a whole different post. this is just about brewed hot teas. normally it says to brew tea for about 4 minutes as a general rule of thumb but i like mine extra strong so i do it for 5. i have added pics of my favorite brands and flavors. enjoy!


in search of all things creative and different i always check out etsy. awesome site, awesome did i say it's awesome or what ? :) here is an adorable bunny vase that is on my wish list. hint hint husband - my bday is coming up. one cannot turn 23 that many times- ha ha!

vase is by j.mendicino ceramics

Thursday, January 15, 2009


i am about to leave to teach the 8:15 class so i have to make this short. i am so grateful to be a working bikram yoga teacher. i love my job! i love stepping into the very same room where i huffed and puffed my way through my first bikram yoga class and NOW i am teaching/guiding first timers through those same moments. i feel so grateful-i am truly blessed! i feel like everything has come into place for me, it is all aligned. my supporting and loving family is healthy and well, taylor continues to make me laugh (and vice versa) every day :), i love my friends and i have an amazing job. life is good. i know it is the inner skeptic in me but i keep thinking something bad is going to happen. i know that is me over analyzing things and not letting myself fully absorb the moment. but i am truly happy- regardless of that small voice in my head that says it won't last. nothing can steal my peace.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

loving it!

because of my bath time rituals lately i have been searching for a green cleaner-the idea of sitting in a bathtub cleaned with bleach makes my skin itch.

FOUND: mrs.meyers clean day- aromatherapeutic household cleaners. i am dreamy over the basil scent. i want to spray it every where. it smells splendid! i never knew cleaning could be so fun!

check it out

Sunday, January 11, 2009

bubble baths cure all

'there must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but i don't know many of them.' 
sylvia plath

'i can't think of any sorrow in the whole world that a hot bath won't help..' 
susan glaspell

so this week was a tough one for me. you know when you go on vacation and then you come back to reality and a little part of you is resistant to the sudden lack of freedom- the back to work, your schedule, and just reality in general. well that and a few other extenuating circumstances made it a tough week. 

taylor and i drove to the ranch on sat afternoon(which was nice to get away) for bryan and hilarys' joint bday celebration. it was a lot of fun. we always play apples to apples, taboo, or trivial pursuit all night and of course bryan and i are really competitive. 

i had an introductory training session at crossfit this week which subsequently is making it difficult to walk. i also have started my fourth (yay! go me:) 60 day yoga challenge and i am on day 5! so 60 days of yoga after what i experienced at training is no biggie BUT this little crossfit session i did- many many many squats upon more squats is making me hurt bad. like a - it hurts to sit down to pee kind of pain. but my point in this post is not to bitch about is to celebrate the art of the bath. or actually it's benefits. i think bubble baths are a cure all. no matter what you have going on in your life for those first 5 minutes when you slide down into the all melts away:) i always try to look for the good in the bad---and if you can be appreciative of a relaxing hot bath through the hard times i think that is something to smile about.

so thank the lord for baths and maybe the man who designed a bathtub as well.

FYI-wikipedia-ed it and evidence of the first personal sized bath tub was found on the isle of crete where a 5-foot long pedestal tub was found built from hardened pottery. this tub is the most likely forefather of the classic 19th century clawfoot tub.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the beautiful wedding!

nice sun face

the beautiful estate

the men
the best man, groom, and officiant

my man :)

fellow texans-melissa and cody
the beautiful bride benita and handsome groom darrens' first dance!

rehearsal dinner at the park hyatt

end of the night at hotel ce- yes that is a diet coke and pringles...don't tell anyone! 
good times at the ph
the bar before where the bar tender asked us if we wanted tapas. that sounded like a plan at the time but we checked the menu- 70 dollars for pre meal small bites- yikes!

the lobby view- not too shabby!

CE- hotel de diseno

this is our lovely modern hotel- the mod space was a nice place to lounge and siesta - which you have to do so frequently to survive the nightlife in ba!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

buenos aires!!!

i will add pics when i get back to dallas but i just wanted to post once while i was actually still here in argentina. taylor and i have been here for a week now. we came to celebrate/attend our friends benita and darrens' wedding. the whole celebration was beautiful-beyond words- really the pictures will do it better justice than myself. anyways-we love it here. the city is amazing and i will be sad to go home tomorrow. it was so great to celebrate the new year in such an amazing and energetic city! seriously-the people here do not sleep. dinner does not even begin until 9 in the evening and going home at 3 am is considered early! crazy! needless to say our sleeping patterns are all out of whack. but it was worth every minute of it:)

hope everyone had a wonderful new years' celebration!