Thursday, January 1, 2009

buenos aires!!!

i will add pics when i get back to dallas but i just wanted to post once while i was actually still here in argentina. taylor and i have been here for a week now. we came to celebrate/attend our friends benita and darrens' wedding. the whole celebration was beautiful-beyond words- really the pictures will do it better justice than myself. anyways-we love it here. the city is amazing and i will be sad to go home tomorrow. it was so great to celebrate the new year in such an amazing and energetic city! seriously-the people here do not sleep. dinner does not even begin until 9 in the evening and going home at 3 am is considered early! crazy! needless to say our sleeping patterns are all out of whack. but it was worth every minute of it:)

hope everyone had a wonderful new years' celebration!

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Juston said...

Bring on the pics!