Friday, December 26, 2008

tv + av christmas and many more

we woke up christmas morning to a snowing wintery wonderland. taylor had to put more firewood in the fireplace to warm the house...YEAH RIGHT! it was the usual in the seventies texas christmas day.

i woke up and made taylor a goat cheese(his fav!) and red pepper frittata. in addition i made a granola cherry pear and apple crumble that was super easy and sooo good! see pics for visuals. after our tea/coffee and breakfast we did presents and my favorite tradition ever----STOCKINGS!!

we got ready and headed over to my parents for more christmas enchantment. the 'carol' also know as mi madre) was mixing mimosas with lots of festivity all around when we walked in. after the family did our gift exchange we put on old home videos and watched when bryan was about 1 and i was 3. it was too cute. taylor didn't want to leave. he isn't use to seeing me as an adorable little angel (ha ha:). but we had to get going to our next holiday event.

next stop on santas' sleigh ride of christmases that never end was taylors' grandmas' house. we did a white elephant exchange. taylors' cousins read a little christmas story about santans workers at the north pole and every  time they read the words right/left/skip- you followed the directions and passed your present onward. the story was about 2 paragraphs too long but by the time you did the mix up you ended up with something completely different than your original gift. i started with an anthro candle and ended with a rocky mountain bar of chocolate but ended up trading for a knife sharpener for taylor. it was pretty fun. another highlight of the afternoon was taylors' grandmas' famous squash casserole. so good. i hated squash as a child but it was tasty.

then we headed to my aunt holllys' and uncle brads' for christmas dinner. it was a full house with all the cousins and grandparents and the rest of the fam! amandas' malti-poo lexie was there doing her usual wave trick which never gets old :)

i feel very blessed to be able to spend christmas with such a big and loving family. clark and taylor and i ended the evening with late night benjamin button at np. it didn't get out until 1:30! but it was so worth it. i could not stop crying as the credits rolled. for anyone who hasn't seen it it is a touching film that can be appreciated by all no matter where you are in life-really moving!

hope everyone had a blessed holiday. i am so appreciative to have each and everyone of you in my life!

christmas eve

drunk santa making his yearly visit

the dynamic duo
taylors' doing of course
the cousins!
a nice smile for once...
b-rent and c-lark being weird as usual ;)

my cousins- brother sister love!
the family highness- tiger warming herself by the fire!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

sunday night family time

yay! clark is home from hollyweird for christmas. sunday night the whole fam went to hatties in oak cliff for a yummy dinner. it was divine. before clark came over to the vieger pad and hung out. taylor and i had just bought some argentina phrase books for our trip and tay and clark decided to test their spanish skills.... and ugly face making ability- obviously they are not lacking in that category. 

i will have some more fun holiday pics to share soon!!! hope eveyone is staying warm in this chilly weather-namaste

BYD holiday party

friday night was davids' birthday celebration/bikram yoga dallas holiday party. it was really a fun time for all. david got roasted by students and friends...pretty funny stuff and then he surprised karen by singing 'brown eyed girl.' it was so cute! taylor and isaac played back up and then we all joined in. he altered some of the lyrics adding yoga jokes (insert yogi laugh here ;). good times!

Friday, December 19, 2008

crazy dreams.....

i have been having trouble sleeping due to this cough late night problem- once i lie down i cannot stop coughing. really interesting..right? so my point is once i do finally fall asleep i have been having some crazy dreams. just last night i saw myself as a little girl about 8 years old with this striped late 80s dress on and bangs. in my dream i was sitting outside (myself as a 28 year old) talking to my 8 year old self. 8 year old allison was so cute. i was listening to my little self talk and it was so weird. i was so innocent and wide eyed. i teared up a little. really strange. so this morning i told taylor about when i got up. and he said that in the middle of the night i said out loud in my sleep ' but how are we going to take it to a whole nother' level?!' hilarious! between younger versions of myself and takin' it to anotha level i might just be going crazy :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

weekend update!

friday night we had the baker triangle christmas party to go to. it's always cool to see members of my family- my brother, dad, uncle, and grandfather at a work function in a different light than i normally do. it's so incredible to see how great bt has done and the great people that make up the company-including my hubby!

saturday was an all day shopping adventure. i mean adventure because it is always fun trying to make sure your family and friends have something special for christmas while funds are low. but hey- i'm creative and can improvise. it was a challenge communicating to the sales people what i was looking for because i can not speak over a low whisper because my voice is gone AGAIN!!! i love to is killing me people, really killing me inside. i added some pics from tay and i being silly and delirious after a day of whispering and shopping!

today at church the african childrens' choir performed and they were amazing! it was inspiring to see them sing with such smiles of hope and light in their faces. it touched me because they come from less than fortunate circumstances and yet they seem so content and alive in the moment. there is something to be said for that kind of ongoing joy. it can truly light up a room!

check em out!

Monday, December 8, 2008

weekend update

this weekend was pretty busy. taylor had a work event to go to on friday night so of course being his partner in crime i accompanied him to the gala. it was fun to see my brother bry and beautiful sista in law hil there and our friend and neighbor peter d! peter was cracking taylor and i up with the white guy wedding dance. love it! 

saturday night was movie night- tv dragged me to bond but i actually enjoyed it. the stunts in themselves were fun to watch and there wasn't too much torture in this one like the last- so that was fine by me.

in other news..i taught this morning and near the end of class i started to loose my voice and get really hoarse. i woke up this morning with a soar throat but tried to ignore it. ended up spending the later part of the day in bed. no fun! hopefully i will be rested and well by 8:15 tomorrow so i can teach.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

kirk i salute you

first of all let me introduce kirk johnson. kirk and my brother clark have been friends since jr high lh wildcat days :) kirk and clark are a hilarious duo and unfortunately they have been separated and are living in different states pursuing the dream. keep on rockin in a free world you two! anyways back to my point. whenever i need a laugh i go to it is wrong and oh so right all at once. i hope you enjoy kirks' latest and greatest new video- i hate you dad. 

thanksgiving and fun with friends!

the ranch at thanksgiving!

look to the right- it is a ghost!

famous banana pudding!

sorry it has been awhile since we have last visited my friends....the holidays life...blah blah things get in the way. but i am back in full effect!

i have been teaching more and i am so excited about that! every day i learn something new. it's funny when you are saying the dialog during class sometimes the words come out -in a different order than how you put them together in your brain. danielle and jesse came into town and when we grabbed sushi after class she said that in standing head to knee i said ' eventually your elbows will go down below the floor.' ha!!! where do they go? into mother earth? is that even possible? maybe if i get to go to the championship in la i will see some amazing yogi who could do that:)

i have added some pics from thanksgiving and this week when danielle and jesse were here. it was so fun hanging out with you guys-miss you!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

home sweet home

i wanted to keep this blog mostly about my adventures in the land of yoga but i couldn't resist adding this pic of my yummy winter salad. and my bff gabby came into town on monday!!! it was so great to see her and catch up on life together. she took some pics outside in our backyard and i followed her lead- love me some cati!!!

(gabby- you should send me the pic of us so i can post it on allibakes! :)

the 'winter salad' consists of a spinach salad with balsamic dressing and pomegranate seeds, almond clusters, and roasted butternut squash! yum and yum!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

weekend fun!

i have been waiting on pins and needles to see twighlight. yes. that is right folks- i have read all four books of the teen vampire saga by stephanie meyer. taylor promised he would take me as soon as i got home. it was really good and i can't wait to see the next one! here is a pic of us in the movie theater- and then having some 'mall fun' afterwards-holla!