Monday, December 8, 2008

weekend update

this weekend was pretty busy. taylor had a work event to go to on friday night so of course being his partner in crime i accompanied him to the gala. it was fun to see my brother bry and beautiful sista in law hil there and our friend and neighbor peter d! peter was cracking taylor and i up with the white guy wedding dance. love it! 

saturday night was movie night- tv dragged me to bond but i actually enjoyed it. the stunts in themselves were fun to watch and there wasn't too much torture in this one like the last- so that was fine by me.

in other news..i taught this morning and near the end of class i started to loose my voice and get really hoarse. i woke up this morning with a soar throat but tried to ignore it. ended up spending the later part of the day in bed. no fun! hopefully i will be rested and well by 8:15 tomorrow so i can teach.


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