Friday, December 19, 2008

crazy dreams.....

i have been having trouble sleeping due to this cough late night problem- once i lie down i cannot stop coughing. really interesting..right? so my point is once i do finally fall asleep i have been having some crazy dreams. just last night i saw myself as a little girl about 8 years old with this striped late 80s dress on and bangs. in my dream i was sitting outside (myself as a 28 year old) talking to my 8 year old self. 8 year old allison was so cute. i was listening to my little self talk and it was so weird. i was so innocent and wide eyed. i teared up a little. really strange. so this morning i told taylor about when i got up. and he said that in the middle of the night i said out loud in my sleep ' but how are we going to take it to a whole nother' level?!' hilarious! between younger versions of myself and takin' it to anotha level i might just be going crazy :)


liss said...

re: the nighttime cough -

I just read an article by a woman who swears by vicks vaporub on your FEET at night. who knows, but it might be worth a try!

I'll call you soon. Things have been really hectic with Christmas stuff.

Love you!

Lulubee said...

Hey beautiful!! I was looking at my ol'blog from training that I hadn't looked at since I got back and decided to peep yours. Your quite the cook eh?! You must share your delicious recipes with me. I need a new hobby and cooking yummy healthy meals sounds pretty good. Especially since my mom found out she has a weak heart, the diet in my household must change. I really, really hope to make it out to Texas this year sometime. I'll see you real soon in LA eek!!

Much love,