Tuesday, September 30, 2008

no turning back

to fly we have to have resistance.
maya lin

after class today at lunch i was chatting with my girlfriends and we were talking about all of our ailments. having craps and everything else that goes with that and having to still practice. it's almost as if in your head you have to diminish the pain and move forward- there is no turning back now. we have no choice - we have to practice twice a day no matter what pain or discomfort comes your way. i was telling them that if i was at home i would have taken a day or two off with this upper back/rib pain that is going on. my back- right behind my chest feels like my upper rib is cracked or something. like when i break there is a sharp pain. can you stretch so much that bust a rib? 

insert cheese comment next...

as young mc said best- just bust a move.

Monday, September 29, 2008

mirror mirror

mirror mirror on the wall
who is the yogi with the least faith of all?

so yes times a changing. now we have to set up in the yoga room according to our small groups. today i was one of the trainees in the second to last row. for someone who is a creature of habit and loves her token front row spot it was a tough class. not only did i focus on the girls crack in front of me to keep balanced but a woman beside me had a cough and at times wasn't covering here mouth. at one point in the class she was turned around sitting facing me(i have no idea why) while i was in camel. hello yogis?!!! for the love of all that is good in this world can we just co-exist peacefully and have yoga etiquette. you know about yoga etiquette- the little blurb on your studios home site or flyer you hand to newcomers. well this just in- we are not newcomers- we are future teachers!! i know i should be more compassionate and patient but come on-we have to represent. which is also why i am a bit peeved at myself. i should have more faith in my training, my practice and where i've come from than to always need the mirror for guidance. it's those small things though i feel i need to control. i know letting go will come with time but honestly i'm not there yet.

as they say so often- trust the process.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

sunday sunday

sunday sunday bah bah bah bah....

yes i am happy it is the weekend but i am also a bit restless. we don't have to practice yoga twice a day or stick to our crazy schedule. but for me- i have found i actually miss the yoga- during the week i sleep like a baby but on the weekend i toss and turn. what's a yogi to do without her yoga?

on saturday i practiced my last class with kara on our token front row spot. it was a very special moment because come monday we will be in our small groups alternating rows. i'm group 15 so who knows where that will be?!!! i added a couple of pics to document our last class together. as you can see- it is quite steamy in the room! 

i also added a pic of our dinner last night- octonce(a beautiful french chica who lives in london), stroud, chris and i went to the veranda. it was nice to sit and talk about all that is yoga, the challenges we face here, and the strength we have gained so far. after that we went back to chris' room and had an impromto study session and did some dialog. quite a productive evening for a saturday night!

added a pic of my breakfast this morning. bran flakes,with a banana, soymilk and cinnamon. got up to finish studying and making flash cards for our anatomy test tomorrow. wish me luck!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

week 2

i made it. i survived week 2. yes bending at the hips a couple of inches to wash my face this morning hurts. and i love the new bruises in my lower bag from digging in with tiger balm to ease the pain but it is all part of what we signed up for. i was telling a fellow trainee how it is almost comforting knowing that the injury i struggle with today will be gone (usually) and replaced by a new one tomorrow. 

this weekend i plan to do dialog, study for our anatomy class and make flash cards(the neck bones connected to the ____bone), make a trip with kara to the store for some food, catch up on emails with friends and family, get together laundry and yes.....get a massage by victor. supposedly i've heard through the grapevine here he is the best. we will see if this mr.victor can work his magic. being deprived of my husbands' tlc every day is making me get excited for some male interaction however innocent it may be (only kidding taylor :). some trainees have raved about the 20 dollar hour massage on the beach!!! might have to check that out too! 

right now there is alcohol model promotion convention here. kara and i gathered that it is some sort of tryouts or something. anyways when we get out of class and are walking in our yoga skives to the pool to cool off they art in there fishnet hose and cheetah print minis. it is a strange dichotomy to see such polar opposites of using the human body. i'm sure they are looking at us pretty strangely for being half naked walking around the hotel as well.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

jim's class rocked!!!

i loved jims' class tonight! it was awesome! he really pushes us to go further. i have really loved our little spot in the front. i am worried about leaving when we have to rotate rows with our small groups- but whatever i am sure it will strengthen our practice.

a fellow trainee gave me the best compliment before class tonight - she said 'allison- how are you holding up? you always seem so calm -like doo doo doo.' i looked at her and said it is a front. :) but seriously i am not one to hide my emotions but if that is the energy i am giving off i am proud of myself. i feel like that is one of the biggest lessons here. if we can learn to remain calm when we are pushed to the limit physically, emotionally and mentally than we can do anything! i seriously think this experience will change me in so many ways. so far it has opened my eyes tremendously and i feel like i am truly capable of greatness.

so i added some pics of my usual breakfast and my dinner tonight. breakfast is egg white omlet with veggies and salsa and oranges and cottage cheese. my dinner tonight was avocado with a tiny bit of black beans, sprout, salad, carrots and red onions on a brown rice and buckwheat thin rice cake. yum and yum!

play list

music gets me through the challenges we face at teacher training.here is my play list of my favorite 'let's get amped' tunes!

harder, better, faster, stronger daft punk
pass this on the knife
under pressure queen(with david bowie)
my superman santogold
seventeen years ratatat
smack my bitch up(sorry mom:) prodigy
skip divided thom yorke

learn and know

every day, every situation, every experience is a learning opportunity. make good, purposeful use of what you know and learn, and there is no limit to what you can achieve.

ralph marston

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


so i'm a little irritated after tonights' class. the point is to kill yourself for 90 minutes! so why- for the love of all that is good in this world- do the same people sit out- calmly looking at themselves in the mirror? unless you are vomiting or convulsing- do the friggin posture like you mean it!!! if you are going to teach someday you should be doing it. uggghhh

also the schedule is getting to me- we barely have time to go the bathroom here. the yoga i love but the schedule..i could do without. i am loving bikrams' night classes. he does the dialog - tells a few jokes- gets us in- gets us out. none of this ongoing monologues about osteoperosis and what not. just a solid yoga class.

kara and i were eating on our beds almost laying down because we are so tired and exhausted. we were kind of complaining to one another and she said' at least the mariachi band isn't playing' and within 5 minutes what do you know??? is everything a test here? i feel like it is. good thing i'm not an advocate of fire arms because i think i would want to shoot things if i had a gun right now. that might sound mean right now...but in the spirit of keeping it real.

i promise i won't be such a debbie downer next time.


thought for the day

attempting to survey the danger may actually cause you to fall before it. pausing at the difficulties will result in the waves breaking over your head.

'lift up your eyes to the hills' ps. 121:1 and go forward. there is no other way.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

you ain't cool, unless you pee your pants

(few pics from last night - bikrams pimp outfit at lecture and our dinner on the floor. and some pics from class- where we set up- right by bikrams throne!)

if peeing your pants is cool, consider me miles davis'

as billy madison said- everyone pees there pants. well tonight in class i had a first. that is right- you guessed it. i pee my pants :)

the whole class in my head i could overcome the urge but near the floor series it became painful. i looked over at my roommate and friend kara with tears in my eyes and whispered- i am about to pee- should i just get up? she was told me to go on my mat. i know that sound gross but i don't want to leave my mat ever. why should i start now? so when we started the last breathing series i couldn't hold it any longer- i just let it flow. finally they turned out the lights and hit the music which is the most depressing thing i've ever heard so of course....i started crying- whats new? well sitting in your own piss and tears is a pretty humbling experience. hit an all time low with that one but at least i didn't crap my pants. a girl last night did her dialog for bikram and proceeded to tell him how she crapped her pants in class. it could always be worse. i've learned to train myself into not thinking it is soo bad. 

for example instead of getting 4 hours of sleep after the bollywood movie we will watch tonight until after 2am- we get be getting 2 hours of sleep. count your blessings because i could always be worse. 

you could always pee AND poo your mat!


morning class

emmys' class- what can i say? the lady likes to talk. a test in patience for me for sure...

all class long i had a sore throat. kept on thinking..i don't feel sick- i took all my vitamins - been eating veggies and fruit- what's wrong? then i realized in class i have been burping up stomach acid and that's why it hurts. kind of like bulimia minus the vomit. also i added tons of fresh squeezed lime to my water this morning so double the acid. yay and yay.

took a dip in the salt water pool after lunch-so fresh and so clean.

getting ready for anatomy class/posture clinic. they freeze us out in that room so we have to layer layer layer. it's funny because the sun is out and it's hot outside but once we get in the lecture hall it is sooo cold. 

let's hope all the trainees will finish with half moon today so we can move on to the next. i think everyone is getting a bit ancy about moving on with the next posture. they don't really tell us anything about what's next so everyone is just waiting.....part of the process- right?

later for now my friends!

namaste :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

'do the posture and cut the shit'

no time to write full sentences

get up shovel down banana and almond butter drink tea burn mouth drink water rush to fill up water bottle rush to sign in

take class 2 hours jump in pool rush rush rush to buffet shovel food in go up to room rush rush rush shower fill up water bottle for lecture run to sign in- go to lecture/posture clinic room freeezzzing cold not helping sore muscles and tingling happening in arms all day long sleep with eyes open -never done it before but i guess it is an altered state of consciousness 

rush again to room change do it al over agin 

get to take class by bikram- 'do the posture and cut the shit' i seriously love that motto

rush rush rush back to room- yay card is de-magnatized- go down to lobby get it fixed and here i am 

bah humbug 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

the weekend

dinner with the crew last night

poolside studying

our makeshift food station in the room

brunch yesterday
i am having really weird cravings- like tomatoes with tons of salt. 
i don't know what that means but i ate it up.

it is a strange feeling having time off. it feels as if we need to hurry up and relax, hurry up and rest. and despite our beautiful surroundings i still feel this sense of urgency. maybe it is because the weekly schedule is so boom, boom, boom. wake up, drink water, have breakfast, get ready for class, sign in, take class, hurry and shower, eat lunch, go to lecture/posture clinic, get ready for class, sign in, take class, hurry and shower, eat dinner, go to lecture again, come back to the room and prepare to do it all the next day. know what i mean? so even though we sat by the pool yesterday and my physical body could have taken a loooonnggg nap my mental state was going going going. i reviewed dialog, read some of my vampire book(so good:), and swam with kara. we were surprised at how sore our arms were just swimming across the pool. 

last night we went with our crew to the veranda- one of the restaurants here at the hotel. it was nice to sit and talk about everyones experiences here so far. 

so it's sunday morning and i just made some tea and i am sitting here reflecting on everything i've experienced here in the first week. i always thought it was such a big statement when people say you come back from training a different person. but i can understand how all of this will change you for the better. i have felt so much gratitude for my friends and family from home now that i am without them. and just the little freedoms i am much more appreciative of. i also feel more open(and receptive) to sharing my feelings - especially with this blog- i really putting it out there for people to read and see. before i would have kept my emotions inside or dealt with it on my own time but this feels more honest and real. i especially feel more aware in the room. i am learning how to meditate and push past all those voices in my head that are telling me i can't do this. it is a pretty amazing thing.  

today i hope to review the next to postures we will be doing this week, get a massage (thank you jesus!!! jc isn't massaging i'm just really grateful for the treat) lay by the pool, and organize my laundry.

Friday, September 19, 2008

the flame

to burn brightly our lives must first experience the flame. 
in other words, we cease to bless others when we cease to bleed.

cranky and tired

had a great class with bikram tonight. found out we had the evening off- which is rare- so we all decided to grab a cab together and make our walmart run before our day(minus 8am class) off tomorrow. i had really good energy from the evening class but when i started to walk down the isles trying to figure out the translations of what is sea salt versus garlic powder(yup- got the garlic powder by accident)- this wave of exhaustion hit me. i knowit sounds silly but i felt quite hopeless. it's stupid- getting frustrated by the little things but i think i am just tired and crabby like a little baby. why can i have a solid class but then something little like spending 5 bucks to use the atm to get out 200 pecos instead of dollars really upsets me. also the damn mariachi band is in full effect tonight. sorry for the whine fest. i am sure it is nothing that a little rest can't fix. i will be in better spirits tomorrow i'm sure.

for now i will leave you a pic of my new yoga family (minus issac- he had to see a man about a horse). don't know what i would do without you guys to keep me sane!

to danielle, lindsay, kara, and straud- way to rock half moon today!

rockin class!!

yay! lynn witlow taught this mornings class it was the best class yet! i feel much stronger. i sweat so much i could have painted a van yogi in the mirror with my sweat drops! lynn is such a powerful woman who kicks your butt as a teacher but after it's over she is the type of person you want to hug for it.

i went for a dip in the pool after class and then on to breakfast. better get ready for lecture/posture clinic-

one step at a time

lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; and make straight paths for your feet, lest they be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed.
hebrews 12:12-13

from my daily devotional book-
pay as little attention to discouragement as possible. plow ahead like a steamship, which moves forward when facing rough or smooth seas, and in rain or shine. remember, the goal is simply to carry the cargo and to make it to port.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

so i have to make this short because we have to be back for lecture and i have to shower, change eat in no time. so tonight was the best and worse class yet. a beat down but bikram makes me laugh. his comedic interludes really lighten the mood in the room.

so i added some pics- wrap for dinner a couple of nights ago. this mornings breakfast. the beach after class yesterday and myself (looking oh so glamourous- i know it's not a flattering pic but i'm keeping it real yo:) after tonights' class.

rage against the machine

so class is hard. this morning i felt like i was literally raging against the machine. every time i went deeper into a posture it was like pins and needles and a flush of hot blood to my muscles. aching aching muscles. it could also be lack of sleep and just adjusting to this schedule. but man - what a beat down. after class i went to the salt water pool and i was the first trainee there so i felt lucky to have a solo dip in the cold refreshing water. a nice contrast to the daily beat down of the room. after class i feel like someone kicked my ass and i have to get up and walk again. pretty awesome- right?! so far though no cramping or vomiting. i feel thankful for that. near the end of class there was a huge flux of people running towards the back to vomit. the staff were literally running to get more bags for vomit. cheers to no vomit. 

today we did chula visit breakfast/lunch buffet. it was good. you could literally hook me up to an iv drip of green juice and watermelon and i would be happy. all the yogis look so wiped after class. there is a definite divide of hotel guests and yogis here. it is kind of funny. i'm sure they think we are crazy. at this point i kind of think i am crazy :)

here is a pic of me clearing out what i call the 'fear demons' before class. you know the fear demons- the voice inside your head that say you can't do this- there is no way you can survive. radiohead really loud helps me erase those little devils. one of my favorites to listen to before class is david bowie-under pressure. music, prayer and meditation have really been my saving grace here. it is amazing how music can instantly change your funk. another pic of me (so glamorous after a few hours of sleep) kara, and the birthday boy issac!! i had to give my shout out to the man!

happy birthday issac!!! heres to the funny man who has kept us smiling throughout this wild crazy adventure. chutney love!

no words

no words can describe the life lessons we are learning by behind held beyond our control to watch bollywood movies until 2 am. even i don't know if i am exaggerating or being completely honest in that comment-my head is too fuzzy from lack of sleep to make thoughts and sentences. i will say though- it is the best nights sleep i've had since i have been heard. i guess pure exhaustion will do that. i am just praying i can make it through this morning class....


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

tears dry on their own

it's funny ...you wouldn't think that music and yoga go together. i mean yoga is suppose to quiet the mind. but for me- every class and experience here is somehow tied to a song i've heard, a verse, or lyrics that inspire me. so whenever i blog- i usually turn on my itunes and today amy winehouses' 'tears dry on their own' can summarize the end of every class i've taken so far. it is not that this is extremely difficult(at least not yet) but when they hit the lights off at the end of every class i lose it. i have never been one of those girls that cries in class- in fact i don't really like for people to see me cry- who does - right? i was telling some of my friends here that i think it is because during the day we are so busy with class, posture clinic, lectures and just figuring out the routine here that i have absolutely no down time to really thing about my friends and family back home or this whole huge collective amazing experience we are all sharing together. so after class i am completely opened up and extremely vulnerable that i lose it. we are talking fetal position tears. i literally roll up into a ball. usually i would be embarrassed or try to hold it it but so far i'm saying bring it on! let the floodgates open! this is such a detoxification process that i feel like whatever needs to come out should come out. i must say it is quite humbling though. doing yoga like a champ for 2 hours and then getting to the mat and turning into a sobbing child. oh well- it's real - it is part of life. i can accept that. but man- when the fetal position sob fest hits you- it hits you. 

i have felt very strong in class so far. it is a challenge for sure but i haven't been allowing myself to really sit out and i have actually been afraid to lay down because if i did that it would for sure be over. but if you have to take a knee you have to take a knee. rajashree took it easy on us in the morning class. i think it was what everyone needed after the massive evacuation that took place last night. seriously it was like a battle field. yogi soldiers were dropping left and right. people were being carried out of the room. it was scary. i was very thankful that i wasn't a 'man down.' but this morning i had an amazing class. because raj was taking it easy i felt like i was able to push myself and my flexibility more throughout the postures.

and thanks to 'cookie' baker for the yoga sling- it came in quite handy on the way to class this morning. love you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


so this morning to get through class regina spektors' lyrics to apres moi popped into my head out of no where.

i must go on standing. you can't break that which isn't yours. 
i, oh must go on standing i'm not my own, it's not my choice.

so powerful. so far class has been something out of this world. i know that might sound cliche and even crazy but it is truly an intense experience.

after lunch we delivered half moon to bikram and over 300 trainees and staff watching. i was 5th in the first group of people on stage. i delivered it great - got down to 'absolutely straight line slowly bend your body to the right' immediately i froze. didn't miss one word until that point. so i said it again and SAVED it yay!  bikram even used me as an example as saying what i did right when i froze for a bit was repeat the line to trigger my memory to remember the next line. he looked at me and said 'you are very smart...not like a dummy saying um um' and then a bit later he said i have 'fantastic energy.' overall i was pleased. of course being the perfectionist i am....it pissed me off a bit that is wasn't 100% perfect- but we are all human and i have to keep in mind this is a growing process. i am learning so much while i am here. it is truly amazing and i am truly grateful for this opportunity! 

genesis 41:52

god has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering. genesis 41:52

this passage is taken from streams in the desert- a daily devotional (thanks hil!)

'no, my friend, it is not raining afflictions on you. it is raining tenderness, love, compassion, patience, and a thousand other flowers and fruits of the blessed holy spirit. and they are bringing to your life spiritual enrichment that all the prosperity and ease of the world could never produce in your innermost being.'

Monday, September 15, 2008

grito de dolores

apparently sept 16th is the grito de dolores('cry of delores')- a battle cry of the mexican war of independence. so the hotel this weekend as well as monday and tuesday is at full capacity. i added a pic of the decor in the lobby for this local celebration. not only do we get to experience the mariachi band at the bar below our hotel every weekend night until 11- we get to monday and tuesday as well. now everyone knows i love music. but i think it is suffice to say that if i never heard a mariachi band again for the rest of my life i wouldn't be missing out:) actually i think it is a lesson for me. to be patient and not affected by external problems beyond my control. i will try to remember that tonight when for the 4th night in a row i sleep with ear plugs and a pillow over my head. even a i-pod with chill sigur ros couldn't do it last night! ha! there was my rant for the night. i'm done for now i promise.

so it was 'lock and load' time come 5:00 tonight. there were over 310 people in the room. it was amazing. i was on the front row right next to my roommate kara and danielle and lindsay were also by us. at the first of class i was solid like a rock. then- well lets just say i got wet like a noodle. no really it wasn't as bad as i thought. granted it was the first class and there were going easy on us. about near balancing stick-i noticed my face getting progressively more and more of a crimson color. which was cool... whatever- no judgement -right. there was a blonde girl closer to bikram with the same problem that he ended up pointing out that she looked like the color of an a eggplant. so besides my eyeballs getting pink eye red(i kind of looked possessed) and the face color issue maintaining my breath was my biggest challenge. joseph(teacher at my home studio and world champion yogi rubber ban boy:) once told me when you start to lose the breath in your head repeat like a mantra -inhale- exhale. that helped- thanks joe! bikram sang to us during class and was very humorous. he is actually a very funny man!

so for now i am going to shower, rest up, drink water and make some food in the room. to all my friends and family i miss you dearly and i carry your positivity and support with me during my challenges and growth through this amazing experience. i love you all. and to all my new friends here-i am so glad to have you all with me during this amazing transformation.

in room protein power breakfast!

like i said before - we are taking our first class this evening and my goal for the this week(one of my goals- i have many-surviving is at the top of the list) is to try to eat more protein. i bought these wafer thin, whole grain, brown rice rice cakes at walmart. paired that with my all natural almond butter and half of a nanner and i'm good to go! our lecture with bikram starts this morning at 10 so i imagine(from what i have heard at least) we won't be finished until around one or so so lunch will be then.

my mantra for today is hydrate hydrate hydrate! in man-ing up to the room and this humidity we are constantly sweating here. i'm not exaggerating- the first day i took 4 showers. it is a sweaty sticky glow i'm rocking 24-7. minus the mucho frio room in the evening :)

ring of fire

good morning everyone!

yesterday we were listening to some johnny cash in our room. i think the 'ring of fire' is a perfect analogy for our first class tonight at 5:00 with the man himself- bikram!!! i am so excited to take class for the first time with bikram and 310 trainees!!! technically i guess it is 309 not including myself. our little group of friends is going to set up our mats together. whatever makes you sleep better at night -right?! sleeping at night hasn't been a easy transition here. i think it is because my mind has been active with the unknown. once we get 'tuckered' out and squashed like a bug from doubles every day i know i will sleep like a baby. 

last night rajashree(for you non-yogis- bikrams' wife) spoke at our orientation. this is the first time i have seen anyone in person from the 'bikram camp' and she was amazing. everything people say bout her is true. she is graceful, poised, and elegant. a true lady. i could tell right off she was going to be one of those people that i will soak up and learn a tremendous amount from. 

my teacher and mentor karen sent me an email yesterday about willingness, from the book affirmations for self-healing. the line that touched me the most and will be present in my mind is ' willingness must be cultivated deliberately. it is an attitude of mind, and depends not on outward conditions. train yourself in the attitude of say YES to life! ' thank you karen for sharing that. i think having a positive and willing mind set will be the key to personal growth during our transformations here at training.

random side note- i always thought people were a little weird when they said 'are you having dreams about bikram yet? about training?' to me it sounded silly because don't get me wrong - i love this yoga and it has changed my life but i wouldn't think it would consume my rem sleep. so this morning i was telling my roommate kara that i had my first bikram dream! in my dream it was time to go up on stage and do half moon for bikram in front of all the other trainees. and i got up there to deliver the dialog and i had in my retainers(yes folks i had braces as a teen and sometimes sleep in the retainers) so i took them out in order to not sounds so slurry. well when i confidently went to say the first lines it was like a lisp fest! the words would not come out unslurred. in my head i was thinking this is a disaster!!! after all this practice i sound like a fool in front of bikram. then i woke up. obviously that was a fear based senario.....

the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

walmart(again), my roomie, and tattoos

so my roomie kara and i made another trip to walmart early this morning. danielle and her roomate lindsay came with us. we walked there and it wasn't as much as a clown parade as before but still a time too be had. kara and i were thrilled to find nori to make veggie wraps in the room. the culinary possibilities are endless when you get creative at your local walmart:)

i also added a pic of our new friend and neighbor-straud honeycut's(yes that is his real name) tattoo. he is from georgia and has a unbelievable accent. 

added another a pic of breakfast/brunch numero dos but ended up not being able to do the beans again. took one bite but it was a no go. 

and one more pic from last night with awesome roommate kara from nyc! she is laid back and has great positive vibe. i lucked out. she also pretty hot! p.s. she told me to write that

i asked issac for advice on how to make my posts more interesting. he said be your normal funny self. i will work on that. where is the dummies guide to being a comedian when you need it?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

first unofficial class

so this afternoon issac, straud, and julie decided to do an afternoon silent class on the 19th floor balcony at the hotel. wow! it was pretty amazing. it felt so great to have a solid class looking out over the ocean- never done that before. here are a few pics of our outdoor yogi adventure! namaste!

first buffet visit

welcome to the buffet.! as guest at this hotel we receive one meal a day. the bikram trainees go to the buffet after morning class for our daily re-fuel. so far so good. loved the green juice! sorry the pic is so shaky- but what can i say- i was in a hurry and hungry. so the veggie egg white omelette was maid to order at the omelette bar which was cool and the watermelon was tasty.

mariachi, flamingos and more!

so yay! we made it unscathed by hurricane ike to acapulco. i am so excited to be here. got in, got unpacked and what not. issac and i and our new friends julie and daniel went and grabbed lunch. it was nice to sit and eat and look out at the beach. the waves were pretty impressive- there were even people surfing! made a trip to walmart which was the biggest clown parade i have ever experienced. as you walked in- there was like a loud dj talking the whole time and then we got accosted by the meat market ladies and when i said no to their offer for ham- they looked at me like i was crazy and said 'por que?' it was pretty funny! we also got to check out the yoga room which was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. it was incredibly hot hot hot and the heat wasn't even turned on. i'm glad we arrived before training starts so we can get use to this climate. 

i miss you all and i promise to keep in touch. for now here are some pics from our first day in acapulco!

also check out issacs' blog here

Sunday, September 7, 2008

leaving on a jet plane.....

so in the wee hours of friday morning i will be leaving for teacher training with bikram in acapulco!!! i will be there for 9 weeks of intense training, with two classes a day, and over 100 classes in all. and yes they will be held in bikrams' heated torchure chamber with over 300 other trainees. am i crazy? maybe but honestly i can't wait. to summarize exactly how i'm feeling and in keeping with the theme of armageddon owen wilsons' character oscar says it best...

'it's like i'm 98 percent excited and two percent scared. or..or maybe it's two percent scared and 98 percent excited, i dunno, that's what makes it so intense'