Monday, September 15, 2008

in room protein power breakfast!

like i said before - we are taking our first class this evening and my goal for the this week(one of my goals- i have many-surviving is at the top of the list) is to try to eat more protein. i bought these wafer thin, whole grain, brown rice rice cakes at walmart. paired that with my all natural almond butter and half of a nanner and i'm good to go! our lecture with bikram starts this morning at 10 so i imagine(from what i have heard at least) we won't be finished until around one or so so lunch will be then.

my mantra for today is hydrate hydrate hydrate! in man-ing up to the room and this humidity we are constantly sweating here. i'm not exaggerating- the first day i took 4 showers. it is a sweaty sticky glow i'm rocking 24-7. minus the mucho frio room in the evening :)

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