Sunday, September 28, 2008

sunday sunday

sunday sunday bah bah bah bah....

yes i am happy it is the weekend but i am also a bit restless. we don't have to practice yoga twice a day or stick to our crazy schedule. but for me- i have found i actually miss the yoga- during the week i sleep like a baby but on the weekend i toss and turn. what's a yogi to do without her yoga?

on saturday i practiced my last class with kara on our token front row spot. it was a very special moment because come monday we will be in our small groups alternating rows. i'm group 15 so who knows where that will be?!!! i added a couple of pics to document our last class together. as you can see- it is quite steamy in the room! 

i also added a pic of our dinner last night- octonce(a beautiful french chica who lives in london), stroud, chris and i went to the veranda. it was nice to sit and talk about all that is yoga, the challenges we face here, and the strength we have gained so far. after that we went back to chris' room and had an impromto study session and did some dialog. quite a productive evening for a saturday night!

added a pic of my breakfast this morning. bran flakes,with a banana, soymilk and cinnamon. got up to finish studying and making flash cards for our anatomy test tomorrow. wish me luck!

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