Monday, September 22, 2008

'do the posture and cut the shit'

no time to write full sentences

get up shovel down banana and almond butter drink tea burn mouth drink water rush to fill up water bottle rush to sign in

take class 2 hours jump in pool rush rush rush to buffet shovel food in go up to room rush rush rush shower fill up water bottle for lecture run to sign in- go to lecture/posture clinic room freeezzzing cold not helping sore muscles and tingling happening in arms all day long sleep with eyes open -never done it before but i guess it is an altered state of consciousness 

rush again to room change do it al over agin 

get to take class by bikram- 'do the posture and cut the shit' i seriously love that motto

rush rush rush back to room- yay card is de-magnatized- go down to lobby get it fixed and here i am 

bah humbug 


marita said...

Allison, your good humour will serve you well, I can tell your attitude is good despite your challenges. Y'all support each other, that's good. Keeping you all in my prayers,hang tough.
Danielle's mom

allison said...

thanks marita- i mean danielles' mom! i love danielle and have enjoyed having a texas girl here with me :) we will all lift eachother up through our challenges! thanks for your prayers! we need them :)

tvieger said...

O My Gosh You Guuuuuys!
Alli You are easliy the funniest woman I have ever known! You are such a great writer! Seriously, it's like reading a prettier version of a Brett Easton Ellis novel. Please marry me! Oh wait you already did. YES!