Wednesday, September 24, 2008


so i'm a little irritated after tonights' class. the point is to kill yourself for 90 minutes! so why- for the love of all that is good in this world- do the same people sit out- calmly looking at themselves in the mirror? unless you are vomiting or convulsing- do the friggin posture like you mean it!!! if you are going to teach someday you should be doing it. uggghhh

also the schedule is getting to me- we barely have time to go the bathroom here. the yoga i love but the schedule..i could do without. i am loving bikrams' night classes. he does the dialog - tells a few jokes- gets us in- gets us out. none of this ongoing monologues about osteoperosis and what not. just a solid yoga class.

kara and i were eating on our beds almost laying down because we are so tired and exhausted. we were kind of complaining to one another and she said' at least the mariachi band isn't playing' and within 5 minutes what do you know??? is everything a test here? i feel like it is. good thing i'm not an advocate of fire arms because i think i would want to shoot things if i had a gun right now. that might sound mean right now...but in the spirit of keeping it real.

i promise i won't be such a debbie downer next time.



Danielle P said...

Hahahahaha. That's really all I can do is laugh. I feel ya girl!

melisslissliss said...

don't bring the gun.