Monday, January 31, 2011

weekend wrap up

happy monday people
monday is like a premature initiation to the real world
you can't believe it's here and you want to know where your coffee is
but if you are like me you usually wake up with a happy hangover from the weekends' activities
and then monday doesn't seem so bad

this weekend was fun filled
friday night tay and i went to the 6pm crossfit and then picked the rents up(carol and steve)
for some burger action at smash burger
everyone loved their burger and the sides were little(seriously like mini fries- less than a cup) but enjoyed by all

saturday we made our traditional breakfast tacos-mmmmm!
and visited my grandma and grandpa during the day
we caught the 3pm bikram before our double date that evening with friends
i told the teacher after class i felt deep fried
it was so HOT(hello it's hot yoga people) in there
my cranium felt like it was going to explode
call me a masochist but i LOVE those classes
i seriously feel awesome afterwards despite the tourchure

sunday we had 2 church services in the morning- one volunteering and one attending
we had a gift certificate to amc np from christmas so we took advantage of it and caught
the afternoon showing of the dilema- vince vaughn fans- it was awesome!
so funny! before the movie we chowed on some kona grill goodness
the sushi was so fresh and yummy!

handsome husband you make me smile
also making me smile- the catipillar roll decoration
tooooo cute! sprouts for antennas!

don't mess with me
or my sushi!
i heart northpark flora and fauna
such beauties!
this week is busy for avdesign
this is a good thing and i am very grateful
also on the weeks' agenda, we are celebrating cookie bakers'(my mom) bday
which means i get to see LUKE!!!
i heard through the grapevine he took his first steps
can't wait to see it with my own eyes:)

Friday, January 28, 2011


it's friday

let the good times roll
so fun and creative

i'm excited to dive in

taylor and i are pumped about the mckinney location
so we can check this burger joint out this weekend

taylor and i were asked to work the information desk
for visitors and new members at fellowship downtown
we are honored and excited to volunteer on sunday

i'm also celebrating friday by soaking up the beautiful
rays this morning with a long walk
joining pinterest- finally!
i will also be celebrating the weekend by hopefully getting some sleeping in
relaxation time saturday morning
it's the little things i cherish:)
what are you excited about celebrating this weekend?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

inspired by...

i know..i know
i've always said i'm a black and white girl
a true fan of my two go-to non colors
although lately i've found myself inspired by COLOR

an impressive spectrum of color and detail
so true
love the peace sign peeking through

melt into my mouth goodness

what colors inspire you?
for me its the .....
the color of bright green grass
how a white walls is so stark and soothing
muted tones of greens yellow and orange- hello mid century!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows,
the light and dark which that thing provides

i've always been kind of obsessed with repeated patterns
i love drawing theme
i love looking at them
i love the graphic blocks of color
call me OCD but it really calms me

marilyn always wins me over...and over

i love this throw and can imagine many cups of tea and coffee being enjoyed
snuggling under it's coziness
when i look at this it make me want to be relaxing on the beach
listening to XX soaking up some rays

stripes stripes stripes
this pattern never gets old

please can this be hanging in my entry way?

transform your everyday beverage with this bold pattern
can i add these to my wish list from yesterday?

what cool illustrations!!!
i know a special bird that would be a fan

i'll admit it- i'm kind of a creature of habit
the pattern of my morning ritual comforts me
i like starting out the day with coffee or tea

what patterns do you love most in life?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'they say it's your birthday'


my actual birthday isn't until feb 19th
but as a lover of lists
{seriously-i make them daily, like as a hobby, it's sad really}
and what's more fun than making a bday wish list?

so without further adieu

and it's on sale!
designers need i say more?

white file file
for my home office

foldover clutch in black

milk wedge and black flat
seriously?! both these would look amazing with a classic black and white striped top

my dear friend and amazing jewelry designer
double palladium necklace

so apparently i like delicate long necklaces

you spell your name out (or your sweethearts')
how cool is that?

ok all you big spenders don't go breaking the bank to get me everything on this list
kidding- this is really just a fun exercise for me to virtually shop online without
doing any real damage

what's on your wish list this month?
it doesn't have to be your actual birthday to celebrate
as the mad hatter said
'a very merry unbirthday to YOU!'
i love alice in wonderland and YOU!

have a great day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

i'm back!

i'm back! i'm excited to be finally feeling like my old self again. this weekend was great and yesterday i actually remembered to document some of it's goodness. taylor and i got to sleep in(8:30- that's late for us:) a little bit sunday morning which was glorious! we woke up and made our traditional breakfast taco morning mash up

my lovely fruit salad
i'm proud of the fresh mint
classes up the joint

lee lou really wanted in
on the breakfast taco action

my masterpiece

taylors' large and baco-fied breakfast

after church couch sesh
then this happened

lee lou caught in the act

we ended the weekend with the lovely
carol and steve-my rents at asian mint
this was my honey lime vodka soda
it was light and refreshing!

by far the highlight of the weekend was the movie the fighter
taylor and i loved it! and christian bail should get an oscar for his performance- a very inspiring story

i'm excited for a productive week to come as well as just functioning as my healthy self again
happy monday

Friday, January 21, 2011

i heart you

i dedicate this post to my husband who had helped me through this week long bug
insisted i take my medicine when i didn't want to swallow another pill and drink my fluids
i heart you major!!!

and if you want to get your own heart breakout decal
as miley would say 'it's pertty coool'
have a great weekend people

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


hello people! please forgive me for yet another blah post about not feeling well
i was going to blog about fun date ideas because really that's all i have to live for(not really). seriously- i am looking forward to some fun hangout time with taylor this weekend. especially because i will be out of the house-my stopping grounds since sunday when i was shut down by this bug! i keep thinking ever morning when i get up- this will be the day i am better but i'm still sick. i went to whole foods today and stocked up- traditional medicinals breathe easy tea, kombucha, wellness supplements, all natural nasal spray, green tea, and some dark chocolate almonds.
i'm going to beat this thing once and for all. i was going to try to take the 4:30 yoga class but
honestly filling my car up with gas wears me out right now. i think i need one more day of recuperation and then i can hit the hot room. once again i apologize for the boring blahs of being sick. i promise when i am back in full force i will be my positive enthralling self:)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

under the weather

according to wikipedia
under the weather is defined as
somewhat ill or gloomy
both of which i have felt for the past few days
needless to say i've been in a bit of a fog
i promise i will be rocking and rolling soon

Friday, January 14, 2011


true sufficiency doesn't mean having plenty; it means having enough

what is enough?

in my personal quest to focus on living a 'less is more' approach
i'd like to implement a grateful friday tradition
instead of..... enough is enough!
(which is usually my attitude at the end of a busy week)
i'd like to reflect on the blessings of the week
whether it's a bigger milestone to celebrate or daily mini feats you've overcome
no matter how big or small

please share with me
your weeks' enough

for this chilly week

enough is
enjoying a bowl of homemade chili with taylor by the fire
cuddling with lee lou
god blessing us with a home, our health and loving friends and supportive family


Thursday, January 13, 2011

black and white

when it comes to fashion-i'll admit it- i bend more towards simplicity
give me a striped black&white t and i'm good to go
i'm a big fan of black& white
my closet is pretty filled with those 2 combos
(ok and some purple- from a stage i went through a while back)
some might even criticize me
for my lack of a colorful wardrobe (MOM:)
but i like what i like
and i've found that when i stray away from my instinct
it doesn't feel right or look right- on me at least
it' i want to be comfortable and for my outfits to be more natural/instinctive
is that a word?

so in celebration of my love of black&white
here are some of my current lusts

simple canvas backpack

beautiful knits
the material is so thin and comfy
it literally floats on your body

i'm addicted to stripes
i love how this top would work layered under a sweater peeking out
or paired with leggings

sparrow print dress
who wouldn't feel like a pixie fairy in this dress?

how do you integrate black and white into your life?


happy birthday gabby!

yesterday was gabby's b-day!
i know, i know... i am one day late and a cocktail short:)
but you still love me gabby-right?
after all - we do go way back!
here's too all the amazing memories
we have shared since we met freshmen year walking on campus
and bonding over perfume! i love you gabby and i'm so blessed to have you as a best friend
thank you nuni! i hope you have a great birthday month
that's right crayton- one whole month of celebrating-i'm sure you can do that- right?!

i intentionally left out some our our finer moments- you can't document all the greatness
college days with winter hats and oh so dainty flannels from the gap:)
summer of florence
santa fe art tour
freeeezing new york trips and the coolest hotel bar ever;)- the W!
and many more......

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

goals for 2011

hello friends!
today i want to start the morning off right by putting it out there
by listing some my goals for 2011-blogging
about them holds me accountable to these goals
plus i don't want to just focus on these
just because it's january but actually be vigilant of them
so here we go....

i read the quote below in body+soul magazine
and it resonated with me
so much of life is spent wanting more, the quest for more, buying more...
do we really NEED all of that?
some of the happiest moments in my life
where i have felt the most loved and the most free
wasn't because of MORE, it was because of LESS
the simplicity in being truly content, in being joyful,
being in nature, laughing with friends and family


(don't get me wrong-i struggle with this daily!
i am a shop a holic and not a budget oriented person by nature
but this is something i aim to be aware of in 2011)

confession- i'm a worrier, a planner, and a doubter
even though i have done some pretty amazing things in my life
i'm my own worse enemy

i fear
i doubt
i overanalyze

this year i want to believe and trust in god's plan for me
knowing i am an able bodied, strong woman who shouldn't be afraid

wow-that felt deep-even typing it out


taylor and i are both artists
we both hold college degrees in the arts
we use to go to 'rock shows' (ha!) all the time, visit museums, and attend music festivals
lately our priority for sleep takes over- what can i say? i guess we are getting older-ha!

it's my goal to celebrate the arts monthly- at least once or twice
whether it's a gallery exhibit, a good music venue, going to the DMA
i want to become involved in local arts


oh the pain, oh the glory
if you haven't ever been to crossfit you must check it out soon
free classes are held every sat morning

my goal is to do 4 classes a week
that means mon- wed
thursday is open gym
and a friday class

can i do it? yes!
will it be pretty or easy
but as they say no pain no gain

every 2 months

although every 2 months doesn't seem like that much
you have to factor in product shoot time, editing and uploading
because i'm just starting out and growing my portfolio this is something i aim to do
my next shoot is in feb so i'm excited for what is to come!


have an actual sit down dinner- at the dining room table
not standing up over the kitchen counter:)
that i've prepared for the hubby
with place mats, fancy cloth napkins and silverware
oh and some delicious home-made food as well


yes- that is taylor passed out
he can fall asleep in less than a minute and usually does every night
i have to admit i'm jealous
it takes me about 30min- an hour every night

my goal is to establish some sort of nighttime routine
lavender hand cream, a good book, my devotional, prayers and lights out

i check my email on my iphone, get up at 11 when my mind starts to wonder
go into the den to watch tv, or the office to get on my laptop

i'd like to turn off technology after 10


walking soothes my soul
honestly i don't know why i don't do it more often
some of my best thinking has been done walking
whether it's with friends, taylor, my mom, or alone
i love to walk it out

what are your intentions/ goals for 2011?

it's gabby's 26th bday:) today
happy birthday bestie!
i love you and wish i was there to celebrate
i'll be posting more on that later....