Friday, January 28, 2011


it's friday

let the good times roll
so fun and creative

i'm excited to dive in

taylor and i are pumped about the mckinney location
so we can check this burger joint out this weekend

taylor and i were asked to work the information desk
for visitors and new members at fellowship downtown
we are honored and excited to volunteer on sunday

i'm also celebrating friday by soaking up the beautiful
rays this morning with a long walk
joining pinterest- finally!
i will also be celebrating the weekend by hopefully getting some sleeping in
relaxation time saturday morning
it's the little things i cherish:)
what are you excited about celebrating this weekend?


Dorry said...

LOVE that party in a box! so much fun. Maybe Billy and I will come to Fellowship on Saturday and come see you at the information desk! we are going out for a bike ride in a little bit once I get some work done (officially finished with my nutrition course tomorrow!! - which is why I've been so busy this week...) and then we have dinner tonight at Avanti with Billy's family. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine - it's GORGEOUS out there!

allison said...

dorry we would love to see you at church- you mean sunday right?:) avanti is delish- i love their crab claws!!!
congrats on finishing your nutrition course- hooray for YOU. sounds like a fun weekend- hope to see you sunday!