Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i'm diggin it!

i love finding all sorts of inspiration and artists' work online
here are some of my favorites

a truly amazing artist
and what a cool name :)

who doesn't love a cute kitty?

i'm throwing the idea around of doing one wall (small)
at the end of our hall way in this interactive art project/wallpaper!

question of the day
what is your favorite inspiration of the moment?


Dorry said...

I love that last one with the wallpaper! LOVE it. My inspiration lately comes from recipes and fitness-related blogs. ALSO, we had dinner at a friend's house last Friday night and they had prints made of some select artistic sight-seeing photos from their honeymoon in Europe. They are framed in their hallway and guest bathroom. I'm definitely going to do this! I have so many awesome shots from our trip to Europe last September.

Rachel Johnson said...

Love this! If you're looking for inspiration, check out author Dave Eggers' TED Talk, "Once Upon a School." Definitely spurs on creativity!