Wednesday, January 5, 2011

wrapping up

i'm wrapping ornaments
purging the house
my office is quieter than a mouse

yes i rhyme

that's right-it's the beginning of a new year and time to get rid of junk. i've tackled the bathroom
and discovered i have wayyyy to many bottles of kheils lotion.
i've organized the hall closet which never holds enough of our 'stuff'- and watch out if you open the door
you just might get knocked in the head by un-identified objects from the top shelf.
i'm working on my office right now.

it's kind of puts me in a funk
where does all this crap come from?

it leaves me wondering- why do we as americans- have so much stuff?
do i really need multiple throw pillows to spruce up the den for different seasons?
why do i have snowboarding pants and ski pants when i really only hit the slopes once every 3 years?
and who bought the 2 pd weights in the hall closet? that is how much my hairbrush weighs?!
and after i read a book- do i keep it- take it to half price books- or pass it on?

anyways- i'm off to hit up the 4pm crossfit.
hopefully i will burn off some of my clutter anger and mildly vent to my fellow crossfitters.
if they don't want to complain with me about the endless amount of junk i've been up to my neck in,
then we can always just complain together about working out. i apologize for the negativity but
it has just been one of those days-i'm just keeping it real


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