Monday, January 10, 2011

happy 1st bday luke!

we celebrated mister lukes' 1st birthday on saturday
with a fabulous fete in ft.worth
the birthday man had his party face on

and everyone was there

mom and dad

had fun celebrating too

luke got his first 'smash' cake

not sure if he is a fan

bigger bite and taste on the second round

'am i really suppose to go for it ?'

ok mom- you said i can


hee hee hee
that was good

did i really just do that?
lukes' post smash cake face
wondering if it was just a dream....

we had a blast little man
can't wait to party with you next year!

1 comment:

Dorry said...

What a doll! I love everything about these photos. And that cake is too cute with the dogs on it! I have awesome pictures from all of my nieces' 1st birthday parties. They are so timid at 1st with the cake...then the really get into it. So cute. Glad y'all had fun. :)