Tuesday, January 4, 2011

happy 2011!

i know, i know...i've been a bad blogger.
but it's tuesday and i'm back!
here are some highlights of my new years eve celebration:) enjoy!

happy 2011 everyone!
honestly i'm not big on resolutions but i do believe in making goals for yourself.
i'm excited for new things to come in 2011. i was telling taylor how FAST this year has gone by.
i was looking through my photos for 2010 on my hard drive and just seeing those 12 separate
folders containing the highlights of that month on film makes me realize- it is gone in a flash.
sometimes i catch myself so intent on planning and organizing for what to come that i miss what's happening now.

my big goal for 2011 is to
because it goes by so fast!

stay tuned for more mini goals for 2011...

do YOU have any plans for 2011?

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tvieger said...

My goal is to never get ICEd again! And to be the best husband I can be to the best wife a man could dream for.