Thursday, January 27, 2011

inspired by...

i know..i know
i've always said i'm a black and white girl
a true fan of my two go-to non colors
although lately i've found myself inspired by COLOR

an impressive spectrum of color and detail
so true
love the peace sign peeking through

melt into my mouth goodness

what colors inspire you?
for me its the .....
the color of bright green grass
how a white walls is so stark and soothing
muted tones of greens yellow and orange- hello mid century!


Dorry said...

I LOVE pops of color! Bright purple is one of my power colors and I love greens and blues as well.

Sarah Sunshine said...

I've totally experienced the same thing! I've always been a non-color person and now I'm loving mustard yellow, navy, and you said it perfectly-that grass green!!