Wednesday, January 12, 2011

goals for 2011

hello friends!
today i want to start the morning off right by putting it out there
by listing some my goals for 2011-blogging
about them holds me accountable to these goals
plus i don't want to just focus on these
just because it's january but actually be vigilant of them
so here we go....

i read the quote below in body+soul magazine
and it resonated with me
so much of life is spent wanting more, the quest for more, buying more...
do we really NEED all of that?
some of the happiest moments in my life
where i have felt the most loved and the most free
wasn't because of MORE, it was because of LESS
the simplicity in being truly content, in being joyful,
being in nature, laughing with friends and family


(don't get me wrong-i struggle with this daily!
i am a shop a holic and not a budget oriented person by nature
but this is something i aim to be aware of in 2011)

confession- i'm a worrier, a planner, and a doubter
even though i have done some pretty amazing things in my life
i'm my own worse enemy

i fear
i doubt
i overanalyze

this year i want to believe and trust in god's plan for me
knowing i am an able bodied, strong woman who shouldn't be afraid

wow-that felt deep-even typing it out


taylor and i are both artists
we both hold college degrees in the arts
we use to go to 'rock shows' (ha!) all the time, visit museums, and attend music festivals
lately our priority for sleep takes over- what can i say? i guess we are getting older-ha!

it's my goal to celebrate the arts monthly- at least once or twice
whether it's a gallery exhibit, a good music venue, going to the DMA
i want to become involved in local arts


oh the pain, oh the glory
if you haven't ever been to crossfit you must check it out soon
free classes are held every sat morning

my goal is to do 4 classes a week
that means mon- wed
thursday is open gym
and a friday class

can i do it? yes!
will it be pretty or easy
but as they say no pain no gain

every 2 months

although every 2 months doesn't seem like that much
you have to factor in product shoot time, editing and uploading
because i'm just starting out and growing my portfolio this is something i aim to do
my next shoot is in feb so i'm excited for what is to come!


have an actual sit down dinner- at the dining room table
not standing up over the kitchen counter:)
that i've prepared for the hubby
with place mats, fancy cloth napkins and silverware
oh and some delicious home-made food as well


yes- that is taylor passed out
he can fall asleep in less than a minute and usually does every night
i have to admit i'm jealous
it takes me about 30min- an hour every night

my goal is to establish some sort of nighttime routine
lavender hand cream, a good book, my devotional, prayers and lights out

i check my email on my iphone, get up at 11 when my mind starts to wonder
go into the den to watch tv, or the office to get on my laptop

i'd like to turn off technology after 10


walking soothes my soul
honestly i don't know why i don't do it more often
some of my best thinking has been done walking
whether it's with friends, taylor, my mom, or alone
i love to walk it out

what are your intentions/ goals for 2011?

it's gabby's 26th bday:) today
happy birthday bestie!
i love you and wish i was there to celebrate
i'll be posting more on that later....


Dorry said...

I love your goals! All of them. Which doesn't really surprise me because I think we have a lot in general, but also where we are in life. I have a lot to say so I'm going to email you so as not to leave an epic novel comment on your blog. :)

tvieger said...

We should start walking to rock shows! I love these goals and you!