Wednesday, January 19, 2011


hello people! please forgive me for yet another blah post about not feeling well
i was going to blog about fun date ideas because really that's all i have to live for(not really). seriously- i am looking forward to some fun hangout time with taylor this weekend. especially because i will be out of the house-my stopping grounds since sunday when i was shut down by this bug! i keep thinking ever morning when i get up- this will be the day i am better but i'm still sick. i went to whole foods today and stocked up- traditional medicinals breathe easy tea, kombucha, wellness supplements, all natural nasal spray, green tea, and some dark chocolate almonds.
i'm going to beat this thing once and for all. i was going to try to take the 4:30 yoga class but
honestly filling my car up with gas wears me out right now. i think i need one more day of recuperation and then i can hit the hot room. once again i apologize for the boring blahs of being sick. i promise when i am back in full force i will be my positive enthralling self:)


Dorry said...

So sorry you're still sick! I hope all of your remedies from Whole Foods are making a difference. (Especially the dark chocolate almonds!!) xoxo

allison said...

thanks dorry- your sweet 'friend' post cheered me up too and the dark chocolate helped as well:)