Thursday, January 13, 2011

black and white

when it comes to fashion-i'll admit it- i bend more towards simplicity
give me a striped black&white t and i'm good to go
i'm a big fan of black& white
my closet is pretty filled with those 2 combos
(ok and some purple- from a stage i went through a while back)
some might even criticize me
for my lack of a colorful wardrobe (MOM:)
but i like what i like
and i've found that when i stray away from my instinct
it doesn't feel right or look right- on me at least
it' i want to be comfortable and for my outfits to be more natural/instinctive
is that a word?

so in celebration of my love of black&white
here are some of my current lusts

simple canvas backpack

beautiful knits
the material is so thin and comfy
it literally floats on your body

i'm addicted to stripes
i love how this top would work layered under a sweater peeking out
or paired with leggings

sparrow print dress
who wouldn't feel like a pixie fairy in this dress?

how do you integrate black and white into your life?



Rachel Johnson said...

Scarves, girrrrl! I also (randomly) picked up a black and white striped sweater from Forever 21 that I LIVE in. (See my current FB profile picture) Black and white is such a good combo, own it, sister!

allison said...

rach- love the f21 sweater and your face!!! b&w is my go to and so are stripes- as i type this now i am wearing an striped anthro top- granted it's from 3 years ago but stripes are a classic! long b and w- kinda sounds like i'm talking about the car and now a color combo or lack of-ha!

April S. Bennett said...

The combination of black and white are really awesome. I love the black and white dresses style as it give extra ordinary looks by using the most common color. I'm ALSO addicted to stripes...This dress is adorable-I wish I could snatch one up for myself