Monday, January 31, 2011

weekend wrap up

happy monday people
monday is like a premature initiation to the real world
you can't believe it's here and you want to know where your coffee is
but if you are like me you usually wake up with a happy hangover from the weekends' activities
and then monday doesn't seem so bad

this weekend was fun filled
friday night tay and i went to the 6pm crossfit and then picked the rents up(carol and steve)
for some burger action at smash burger
everyone loved their burger and the sides were little(seriously like mini fries- less than a cup) but enjoyed by all

saturday we made our traditional breakfast tacos-mmmmm!
and visited my grandma and grandpa during the day
we caught the 3pm bikram before our double date that evening with friends
i told the teacher after class i felt deep fried
it was so HOT(hello it's hot yoga people) in there
my cranium felt like it was going to explode
call me a masochist but i LOVE those classes
i seriously feel awesome afterwards despite the tourchure

sunday we had 2 church services in the morning- one volunteering and one attending
we had a gift certificate to amc np from christmas so we took advantage of it and caught
the afternoon showing of the dilema- vince vaughn fans- it was awesome!
so funny! before the movie we chowed on some kona grill goodness
the sushi was so fresh and yummy!

handsome husband you make me smile
also making me smile- the catipillar roll decoration
tooooo cute! sprouts for antennas!

don't mess with me
or my sushi!
i heart northpark flora and fauna
such beauties!
this week is busy for avdesign
this is a good thing and i am very grateful
also on the weeks' agenda, we are celebrating cookie bakers'(my mom) bday
which means i get to see LUKE!!!
i heard through the grapevine he took his first steps
can't wait to see it with my own eyes:)


Dorry said...

What a great weekend! I'm like you and actually enjoy Mondays. I feel refreshed and happy from the weekend. When you talk about Bikram, it makes me want to go back! I loved that feeling just after a super hot tough class.

Good to know about Dilemma. Billy and I have become big movie-goers lately and I love it for a weekend date night.

Good luck with all of your design work this week! Lunch next week at Central Market for sure. xo

tvieger said...

That bikram class almost killed me. A full weekend with YOU is the only thing that brought me back to life!