Tuesday, February 1, 2011

anatomy of a dress

with the current 'winter storm' dallas is under
i can't help but dreaming of warmer climates and vacation inspired activities
where better to draw inspiration from than the latest and greatest fashions to be for spring?


a leisure drive and a picnic would be nice
especially when champagne is involved- so fancy!
ahh sailing
as long as i'm not the captain i'm game
(side story- i was traumatized at camp longhorn when i was a summer counselor
and was forced to take six 8yr olds out in a little sail boat screaming
as the wind knocked us all over!
i had to maintain my cool but was screaming inside)

this burnout tee dress makes me want to hang 10
a date with mr.handsome at a parisian cafe
just in time for valentines
this is my idea of a perfect vacation

i'll be posting another post in couple
for someones' very special day:)


Dorry said...

I love dresses! They are so easy and so versatile. I have so many dresses and I'm excited to purchase a few more for springtime. And now I want to go on a tropical vacation!

allison said...

me too- my happiest most free moments are by the ocean. i'm a water child at heart and live for tropical vacations.

Christy R. Davalos said...

I have checked out your spring outfits and think all are suitable. I love the outfits and want to purchase some of spring dresses. this burnout tee dress are looking awesome. The color and design gives the dress extra look...