Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the soundtrack of our lives

the grammys just happened
and i've got music on the brain people!
but i'm not talking about bieber or ke$ha


so i'd like to ask the question-what is the soundtrack of your life?
what song is in your head when you wake up?
if you were watching a music video of your life- who would be playing?

taylor and i love to talk about music
him more as a participator and me a spektator
he is after all a very talented musician- his second album is about to be released!

the other night we were discussing what our soundtrack would be..
and if i had to pick one song it would be under pressure by queen and david bowie
i've loved this song for so many years
taylor designed hand drawn type of the intro lyrics as a gift for me!
i love it and it hangs right my my desk

so at any moment i may burst into song

that is a scary thought

taylors' song of his life is ramble on by led zeppelin
i would love to hear him sing this...perhaps at a cd release party coming up soon!
so music fans from all over

do tell

what is the soundtrack of your life?

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