Wednesday, February 23, 2011


today i'm feeling ridiculous
ridiculously silly!

do you ever wake up and wonder
how am i going to get everything i need to get done today

so i'm rolling with it
i've still got the giggles from last nights' hilarious episode of glee!
i even re-watched some of it over coffee
speaking of glee- i have a major girl crush on
who plays Britney on glee
i'm a huge fan!

so tell me...
do you watch glee?

do you have a harmless crush on anyone??

do you feel ridiculous that it's only wednesday?


tvieger said...

I feel rediculous! And I love it!

Dorry said...

I love that quote! Billy tells me all the time that I'm being ridiculous...but in a loving way. I say we should all embrace our ridiculousness everyday! This week seems off to me. I feel like it's Thursday for sure.

allison said...

dorry- i feel ya! i think ridiculousness and laughing about it makes the world go round:) this week is off for me too :o