Thursday, February 24, 2011

spa weekend!

yes that's right
it's time to
any guesses where i am spa-ing?

lake austin spa and resort
my mom and i will be celebrating our b-days together there
and we will come home just in time to catch the oscars

best part of our stay?

you can wear your robe everywhere

the last time we visited i was a little hesitant about dining in my robe
i mean- it's a little weird- right?
in your kitchen at home- no problem
but in front of strangers at a resort in the omelette line?
what happens if a little eggy falls into your robe-y?

of course i got over it and fully indulged in the goodness of knowing there was nothing between
me and my organic food besides the robe-y:)

what do you think?
that is the question


Dorry said...

What fun! I love spas. I think there's something so refreshing about the robe and slippers you get to wear. And no makeup all weekend and water with cucumber and orange slices! Enjoy every minute. xo

Aspiring Kennedy said...

hah! what a hilarious concept. i've never seen people dine in robes. i say what the heck. live it up. relish in the robeness of it all. :)