Tuesday, June 28, 2011

lissie featuring ellie goulding

if i was musically gifted
wish i was but i'm so not AND i'm okay with that:)
this is how i dream of sounding
simply beautiful

Friday, June 24, 2011

i'd like to share this image and link with you
a young jason bateman (far left) and a young bikram

funny stuff

have a great weekend everyone!
i'm leaving for chicago today
where the creative juices
will be flowing at HOW

any must see's or do's?
i would love any recommendations of fun stuff to check out in chicago
while i'm there

sidenote: my mom gets really worried
when i leave where i'm going for the weekend on the blog
she thinks strange men will read my blog and follow me there
i told her - my supposed 'stalker' would have to work really hard
to get a flight and come find me in chicago
her response 'you never know'
i love you mom!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


unique green home decor and jewelry
bianca's chic short hair
i'm loving short no fuss curly hair for the summer
especially in this heat
spotted on into the gloss
standing pretty
this italian beautys' summer outfit
and how easily she is sporting it
kirstens' easy breezy summer digs

a forum for all lulu fans to post pics of
the latest gear and wear
and discuss their favorites
you think your skincare routine is organic?
believe your makeup to be all natural and non-toxic?
think again
this site is amazing
you type in your makeup or skincare product of choice and it rates it
you are shooting for a 0-3 range

what are you

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

catch up

hi guys!
i promised i have not fallen off the blog wagon
sometimes life takes over- know what i mean?
but i'm back and i'm playing a little catch up
here are some pics from the weekend
loved hanging out with this cutie
on friday at my moms' for a bit
taylor and i had a yoga date friday night
yes that means we take yoga together
it doesn't happen very often
but i enjoy it so much when we can squeeze it
into our busy schedule
afterwards we met my parents at la duni and mister luke
what a handsome dinner date
i wouldn't want to spend my friday night any other way!
went to 10am yoga on sat-
i normally do the 8 but just sleeping in until 9 felt like heaven
met taylor for a late breakfast/lunch at good 2 go taco!!!
we are big fans of their coffee (and of course tacos)
pictured is his expresso flight(they nicknamed it 2x2-cute?!) on the left
and my iced coffee on the right

saturday afternoon we spent hours in the yard
planting our herb garden
setting up our brazilian hammock
{a gift from a really cool brazilian- taylor's brother in law- raph}
it was nice to get my hands dirty plantin' away
the best part was admiring their perfect little rows of
green after they were all planted
the texas heat zapped me for sure
enjoyed relaxing with these 2 lovers!
on sunday after church
we celebrated fathers' day with taylors' family
by enjoying a lovely brunch
it was delish
especially my sister-in-laws' homemade pastries
with nutella and fruit
seriously rayne
when does your bakery open?
their will be a line out the door when it does!
sunday evening we went with my parents to fearings'
to celebrate my dad on his day
check out the lovely flowers in the lobby
their version of banana pudding
honestly-not a bad way to end the weekend

this week i am getting ready for my trip to chicago on friday
i'm super excited to be attending for the second year in a row
the conference is such a inspiration and motivational tool
for anyone hoping too make a living using their creativity
in the best way possible
HOW 2010 was what inspired me to take the step from being a 'freelancer'
to starting my own design company
so who knows what kind of inspiration i'll find this year?!!
honestly i can't wait!

Friday, June 17, 2011

old school

i apologize in advance to my few
but extremely important and respected male readers
please don't think any less of me
happy friday ladies
(&gentlemen- if i haven't already lost you:)
from old school nsync and yours truly
sorry but i just had to
i'm feeling kinda silly*crazy#tired&wacky today- but i'm excited it's friday
and i wanna dance
don't think i didn't bust some moves to these retro tunes
it took me way back
what has inspired me to listen
to boy band hits from early 2000?
i blame it on the full moon last night
enjoy a little justin this friday
after all he is the ultimate triple threat

Thursday, June 16, 2011


i love this artists' visual account
& participation of the sketchbook 2011 project
inspires me to be more creative
every single day
check out this bon appetit beauty
this summery light dish is officially on my list!
that just means i really like it :)
an easy lovely dish that takes less than 20 minutes
what a dream this room is!
i would love to lounge by this window with a book and some tea
can i be transported now please?
pretty in pink
when i first saw this painting titled DHELIA
i swear it made my type a personality take a back seat
there is something about the lack of order
that calms me
and last but not least my favorite tumblr
has re-vamped her page
loved it before, love it now

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tuesday tunes

my tuesday tracks in full rotation

of course
i had to throw in one non-indie fav:)
what tracks are
listening to this tuesday?

Monday, June 13, 2011

happy monday!

because it's monday
i thought i would share some one-up ing
laughs with you
at two different social outings this weekend
we were recalling the hilarity of
penelope (kristen wiigs' character) on SNL

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


confession time
i've been cheating on bikram
although i've practiced bikram yoga for over 5 years
i've been unfaithful the past 2 weeks

i know
the scandal

to be completely honest
i am loving my yoga class at exhale spa
i've been attending the music yoga flow class
i think i feel in love yesterday
somewhere between warrior to hits from bieber
while in downdog to old school destinys' child

just when i thought it couldn't get any better.....it did
the absolute highlight of class
during a challenging CHATURANGA hold
was when TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE started playing
what more could you ask for?
it gave me the strength to yoga on
teach me how to dougie

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

this and that tuesday

happy tuesday everyone
today i don't have anything extremely profound to share
when do i?
ha- kidding...
so i thought i would do a bit of this and that
here goes

how magical is this ensemble?
love the hair
love the necklace
LOVE the top
what do you think about this chop?
i love it and i'm going for it next week
i wanted to go shorter but i know i have to play it safe
and do 'stages' of shorter for me
alexa chung pulls this off quite well!
i'm crushing on this lovely handmade bracelet
great bookcase
has anyone seen tree of life yet?
i think it looks like a beautiful film
i'm excited to see it-i've heard interesting reviews
can't wait to have a post movie chat with the hubby
on our date night

another film that looks pretty amazing- super 8
taylor is dying to see it and it comes out this weekend
might have to make it a sunday funday evening cinema see
have a lovely day!

Monday, June 6, 2011

summer lovin'

'summer lovin'- had me a blast'
any grease fans out there?
i can't tell you how many times i've sung that song
wishing i was sadie from grease

summer is here!
can you believe it?
in dallas it is very easy to get
discouraged by the triple digit temperatures
making you want to stay inside hugging your ac or icebox
but i'm determined not to get beat by the sun
here are a couple of local happenings i'm excited to attend

ok locals
who wants to join me?
know of any other summer festivities
that are a must see or do in dallas?

Friday, June 3, 2011

happy friday

happy happy friday
my cup of coffee couldn't be deeper this morning
it's been a busy busy week but i'm ready to unwind at the ranch
a limey beverage, my book and lots of relaxing pool time
is calling my name
to be honest
life at the vieger casa
work, friends&family, church
basically LIFE
and our everyday schedule has swiftly gotten
what happened to lazy summers?
don't get me wrong though- life is very good
but lately the quiet moments have been few and far between
this pic is a healthy reminder
that everyday, every moment,
i should relish and celebrate the craziness
and take a moment
to breathe in the small pockets of calm and quiet
whenever i can
i have to remind myself
god never gives us more than we can handle