Friday, June 17, 2011

old school

i apologize in advance to my few
but extremely important and respected male readers
please don't think any less of me
happy friday ladies
(&gentlemen- if i haven't already lost you:)
from old school nsync and yours truly
sorry but i just had to
i'm feeling kinda silly*crazy#tired&wacky today- but i'm excited it's friday
and i wanna dance
don't think i didn't bust some moves to these retro tunes
it took me way back
what has inspired me to listen
to boy band hits from early 2000?
i blame it on the full moon last night
enjoy a little justin this friday
after all he is the ultimate triple threat


Alien Jones said...

Beeeboop bop snorp bleep bleep! Because of how sound travels through space this is a brand new number one hit on my world! My favorite is JC Chavez!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

man, this really gave me a "digital get down." :) thanks for the flash back!

allison said...

isn't it greatness lauren?! i'm glad you enjoyed my blast from the past:)

Coco said...

OMG this is hilarious. Just now catching up! Dirty BOP! Or POP, whatever!