Friday, October 29, 2010

what do you collect?

The hobby of
includes seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining
whatever items are of interest to the individual collector

i adore
and collect vintage clutches
to the latest fashion in clutches
styles new
and old

(gifted, thrift and estate sale finds)
are found throughout our house


probably the most unexpected and quirky-est of all my collections are my
i say that with the same zeal as zoolanders'

i love these little precious kitties so much my husband donned a beautiful one in a glass menagerie from anthro with a beautiful ribbon tied around it's neck (RING ATTACHED) when he proposed to me. of course at the time he had e fooled that i was actually getting a real cat- he put it in a big cardboard box with a heart drawn on going as far as the shake it while he handed it to me and even cut out breath holes. little did i know the sneaky romantic was about to get on one knee!!!

what do you collect?
is it hobby or addiction- fun or serious?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

lulu giveaway

for all you lululemon fans-
check out run eat repeat for her lulu giveaway.
seriously..if you are like me and love their fitness wear
but can't justify spending 85 bucks for a workout top- this lady has you covered!

FALLing for you

you know what makes me smile?

i'm smiling today because tonight i'm hosting book club at mi casa!!!

tonight we are doing a FALL favorites potluck! this really excites me because i get a little break. last time i was chopping away with my sous-chef melanie right before the bclubbers got there and honestly it was a bit much to do all the food. i'm sure martha stewart never complains but hey, i'm not there yet.

i'm also totally stoked (brah-jock speak)
or should i say SPOKEd:)
about riding weather! i love biking with my hubby
in the neighborhood or around white rock lake this time of year.
especially when the leaves are changing colors
i love getting out and breathing that fresh cool air.

i'm lovin' this gray sweater from URBN
would go great with my gray toms' wedges

want to snuggle in this lovely cardigan
next to the fire cuddled up next to my man

what makes you smile this fall season?

could it be honeycrisp apples with the AWESOMELY TASTY
yet highly addictive justins' maple almond butter?
or last nights' episode of glee?

keep me posted - i would love to hear your smile inducing fall favs!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

social what?

social networking yall! :)
while i can't begin to describe my frustration of getting my website up......
what i CAN do (trying to focus on the positive) is promote myself on my blog.
check me out on twitter and facebook and if you haven't added me or follow me- please do!
have a great day and if you are in dallas get out and enjoy the weather-it is beautiful!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

camping soon!

more to come later but until then some camping inspiration.....

Friday, October 22, 2010

5 on friday

in the spirit of embarrassing confessions and trying to connect with my readers through self-deprecation i would like to make some confessions. don't worry i haven't done anything illegal--or have i?
feel free to share your deepest & darkest or dorky-ist like me :) i would love to hear them-

NO 5
i love idioms
i love to pull them out in heated conversations- usually to emphasize my point or whatever i'm trying to argue. however i always say it wrong- taylor just laughs at me and says 'not even close.' at least i get a laugh.

NO 4
i steal honey glazed pecans
it's a compulsion i can't control. every time, without fail when we pass the bulk bin section at whole foods, central market or newflower market i reach for one when no one is looking. i can rationalize this sneaky maneuver on my part with the fact that we give our hard earned money to these establishments weekly.
a girl can have her honey glazed nut and eat it too!

NO 3
i have a full fledged magazine addiction
every year since college my new years resolution is to buy less magazines and every year i fail- major fail. fashion, beauty, design and travel and food mags get me. they call to me- saying buy me- you need me! i even have archived nylon and lucky mags from college lining my closet shelves.

NO 2
i love olympic weight lifting
my yogic self had a problem with this in the beginning. it seemed to drastically contradict everything i had been taught- not to mention the compression in your back...anyways i've come to terms with it (i think). it's so powerful lifting 100 lbs overhead. it's awesome- it makes me feel so strong and also an incredible way to start your day.
shout out to the 6am rooster crew!

NO 1
i still sleep with a stuffed animal
his name is reginold 2 and he has a smoky voice. reginold 1 was left overseas...sad story. taylor channels reggies' voice in true form every night before bed- keeps me laughing:)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

girl crush

i'm just gonna say it- i have a girl crush! does it mean i'm playing for the other team- no- it just means i'm diggin' the following stylish ladies. i mean- how could you not? they are each adorable in their own way. my husband happens to have a major crush on one of them as well- not in the same way as me of course- can you guess which one?

rachel bilson
the only brunette to make the list
nothing against brunettes it's just blondes have more fun

want to get a more affordable version of her style
gillian zinser
i love this alterna-blonde (i think i just made up a word)
her style is original and fresh
scarlett jo
why do you have to be so stylish, sexy and beautiful- you are a true triple threat!
love the new short do!

i'm green with envy scar-jo

and my favorite gossip girl serena
or blake lively the actress

whatever you want to call her this girl has gams and she is not afraid to use them. if i was her mother i would tell her to put some clothes on but she is quite the fashionista long dress or short- she is rocking it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

that gypsy feeling

with the weather getting cooler (thank goodness) and leaves falling i have been embracing more layers wraps and scarfs. it's got me feeling like a gypsy. i love shawls, wraps, layers- hoop earrings- the whole bohemian gypsy lady vibe. my bestie gabby once said she pictured me as an old woman with long hair and many shawls
that's a compliment - right? ;)

heres a shout out to my favorite musician songstress gypsies

the original gypsy

still one of my biggest fashion inspirations. such beauty and allure!
every time i contemplate bangs i go back to this pic- gorgeous!

my all time favorite ever - took 3 modes of transportation alone when i lived in nyc to see her show

natasha khan
this chic rocks! she is fearless and dons the occasional headdress like it's a ball cap
a true lady of mystery
she is the alter ego of karin dreijer andersson, one half of the swedish super-sibling duo the knife

florence welch
was discovered singing in the bathroom at a night club!
his chic has some amazing pipes and not to mention amazing fashion sense

Monday, October 18, 2010

my life is an open book

hello and welcome to allibakes! today i am super excited to be participating in hello splendor's first eva- blog crawl! it has been very exciting and inspiring to read every one's stories and get to visit new and lovely blogs along the way. the ever so stylin' elizabeth goodwin of life and style passed the blog torch my way. thanks alice!

that's me alli v!
the quirky and silly girl (and sometimes a lady:), yogi, wife and designer

the past
yoga training

the present
my life and work in dallas

the future
my growing design company

my sweet and supportive family

the handsome hubby- mr. taylor vieger

our little girl-lee lou
that's right- we loved the film fifth element so much we named our cat
after a main character in the movie
my brothers; bryan and clark, sister in law hilary, girlfriend genevieve and nephew luke
the whole crew on our recent trip to napa!

my sweet parents
who have always stood behind me and have given me their love and support
in all my crazy ventures along the way-THANKS MOM AND DAD!
about 2 years ago i hung up my mouse as a designer and put my graphic design career on hold....
to pursue a passion and love of bikram yoga. my bags and yoga mat were packed and i was headed to acapulco, mexico for 9 weeks of yoga boot camp. i lived in the same hotel howard hughes went postal (or at least that is the rumor) - the princess fairmont to attend bikrams' official yoga teacher training.
as teacher trainees we were required to attend TWO classes of bikram yoga a day-taught by bikram the man and creator of this amazing yoga. the classes were usually over 90 minutes with over 300 other students and fellow trainees. it was HOT, CHALLENGING and VERY INTENSE!
can you believe i am one of the yogis below in the sea of trainees?
but afterwards i always emerged refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed -even after staying up till 4am for late night lectures. the yoga works people- it is truly amazing!
i graduated with flying colors (or lack of color in white-my guru BIKRAM and me matching) as an official bikram yoga teacher! 3 days after this picture was taken i taught my very first bikram class in the same studio i took my first class. it awes me how things come full circle.
while i was teaching full time i began to pick up more and more design work. about two years into teaching i decided to venture out on my own and take that next big step. with the help of my loving husband and supportive family, i stepped off the podium as a teacher to start and run my own design company -avdesign. i am so excited to be a part of work that i am proud of, can put my name on as well as a smile on my clients faces.
(see below: celebration face post wine tastings)

so without further ado - i am happy to announce that avdesign has a facebook page where you can view more work from the author and hopefully you will join me in celebrating in the near future when my website goes live.

more to come soon...

don't miss tomorrows' host for the blog crawl- the talented ana from live & enliven