Friday, July 17, 2009

a serious addiction

my name is allison and i am addicted to almond butter warned. if you buy a jar of justins' maple almond butter-it will not stay filled long!

amazing AB combos
celery and AB
apple slices and AB
split a banana down the middle and add AB
heck-i have even dipped strawberries and AB

every week when tay and i go to the grocery store i tell him 'justin and i are splitting up(and i don't mean timberlake)'
and then mid week i get my AB craving and i can't escape it-IT IS THAT GOOD PEOPLE!


Halle said...

ahhh! i don't want to try it b/c i don't need another food addiction!

tvieger said...

Alli, you might need to go to ABA.