Monday, July 20, 2009

monday lunch!

i had to post this pic because my lunch was so tasty!
i was feeling thai inspired. thai salad creation includes.....bib lettuce. red pepper, carrots(insert gabby horse joke here:), chopped cilantro, red onion, and green onion. 3 crushed cashews and a pinch of sesame seed, tofu and annies low fat gingerly dressing. absolutely delish!

i also added a wasa whole grain toast with 2 oz(only one pictured - i ate the other 2 :)avacado a generous squirt of lime, and couple of pinches of sea salt and chili powder. yum and yum. i will definitely have that as a snack again!


Coco said...

Lol, CARRATS! That sounds good, I've never tried Annie's dressing because I hate their logo but glad to know its tasty! I need to bring tofu back to my salads. I'm obsessed with whole foods Raw food section, and their "mock" chicken salad!

allison said...

we don't have a raw section besides the package good s so i'm jealous. yall are lucky!

Coco said...

not lucky because its addictive! where do you get the wasabi crackers?